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Jan 31 2008

Project Skinny January Update

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It is the last day of the month! And you know what that means! OK, maybe you don’t, but I do, it means I am 1/12 of the way done with one of my 2008 Resolutions. I resolved to lose 5 pounds each month.

And for the month of January, I have lost 7.8 pounds. YA-HOO!

I am totally digging this ‘update once a month’ thing instead of every week. It takes off the pressure, and makes me feel like I have really accomplished something.


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Jan 31 2008

#31 Kid Art

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Jan 30 2008

#30 Picture I Actually Took THIS MORNING

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jocelyn in braids

(Too bad the focus is wonky. And this was the best of the bunch.)
(But look! I’m posting a photo today, and I took it today! That counts for something!)

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Jan 29 2008

#29 The Tin Soldier

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ethan reading The Tin Soldier

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Jan 29 2008

tivo! yay!

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We have 3 tivos. Our newest tivo, is the HD Series 3 that we got with the new HD tv in our basement. We struggled with the whole, “Do we stay with DirecTV and use their (inferior) DVR for HD? Or ditch DirecTV altogether and hope we have more options with our cable company in the next year?”

We ditched DirecTV. We just couldn’t not use a tivo DVR, it’s as simple as that. The thought of having to go through a menu screen that wasn’t tivo’s? AGONY. So, right now, we have little to no HD shows, but hopefully that will change in the next few months. We had a lifetime subscription with our original (non-working) Tivo, that we transfered to the HD Tivo box using a very old grandfather “you can transfer lifetime subscriptions one time!” clause.

Our other two tivos we bought about 2 or maybe even 3 years ago. Series 2, I think 40 hours. They’ve served us pretty well. Until one day in December when our family room Tivo showed the blue Tivo screen of death. It would cycle on and show a “we’re trying to see about the problem screen” and then turn off and repeat, over and over. I called Tivo and sure enough, it was a dead hard drive.

At the time, they offered us a new box for around $150. We checked the only place for all your geeky tivo hard drives and tricked out tivos ( and found we could get a new hard drive for around $120. We opted to not upgrade, move our bedroom Tivo (not used THAT much) to the family room and planned to buy a new hard drive sometime in the future.

I neglected, however, to stop service on the dead Tivo, so today, in anticipation of that $10 charge to my credit card at the beginning of next month, I called up Tivo to cancel service.

They offered me a $69 upgrade to a dual tuner 80 hour Tivo! New, not refurbished!

I quickly called James, he agreed it was a great deal, and now, we have a new Tivo which will be shipped to us soon. We’ll probably move the family room box back up to our bedroom where it will not be used that often (I use it to watch Friends reruns while I fold laundry), and put the new dual tuner tivo in the family room.

I just love Tivo. Our first Tivo box was purchased for Christmas in 1999 for $500, with an additional $300 going for the lifetime subscription (which is still earning it’s money back today). $800 for a dual income couple with no kids was still a lot of money, but I must say out of all the useless gadgets that have come through this household (I’m talking about you, cat litter box that was supposed to scoop the poop for me) TIVO HAS BEEN THE BEST.

The end.

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Jan 28 2008

a week’s menu

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So I quite enjoy the few menu planning blogs I subscribe to, namely, Melissa from Suburban Bliss’ Did They Eat It? and Anna from Run with the Fishes Food Stuff.

This month James and I have been particularly dutiful in planning the week’s dinners making a list, and going shopping every weekend. It has really alleviated the nightly, crabby and just got home and have no idea what to make for dinner, pop tarts sound good, dance. So I first thought, this is kind of boring though, maybe I should do the blog w/in a blog and get a sub directory going with a separate feed. Good idea, no?

Yeah, except that’s WORK and I don’t want to bother with all that WORK. Plus, I have no idea how to do it. So, from the blog who also posts her to-do list from time to time — the week’s menu!

Monday: spaghetti
Tuesday: grilled cheese
Wednesday (james’ school night): chicken nuggets
Thursday: chicken & rice
Friday: breakfast dinner (scrambled eggs/waffles/or pancakes)
saturday: chicken & dumplings

Pretty simple this week (I couldn’t have started this the week I made alfredo from scratch? or my leek-potato soup? or beef stew?!) – But there you go. Maybe I can snap some pictures while cooking this week.


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Jan 28 2008

Last NIght We Watched SuperBad

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me: Do all high school boys really talk like this??

james: *just looks at me*

me: OK, did YOU really talk like this?

james: *just looks at me*

me: *just looks at him*

james: Actually, I don’t think I was *that* bad.

me: I don’t want our children to grow up. Ever.

james: I don’t think that plan will really work.

me: OK. Then next week we’re going to church. They can reject religion later in life, just as long as they don’t act like this when they get to high school.

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Jan 28 2008

#28 Ebay Order I Had Given Up As Lost

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Ordered it December 20th, and after a MONTH of waiting, I am SO HAPPY IT FINALLY ARRIVED!


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Jan 27 2008

#27 Check Mate

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check mate

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Jan 26 2008

#26 Strike a Pose, There’s Nothing To It

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jocelyn dancing

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