Dec 08 2005

my first foray into politicalness

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So have you heard about the pharmacist who refused to fill a woman’s prescription?

The original livejournal post that I was reading about has since been taken down, but here are some other articles on the subject:

Seriously. This makes me want to go to school, become a pharmacist, and then PUNCH SOMEONE IN THE NOSE WHO PULLS ANY OF THIS CRAP.

Amanda Marcotte says it all so well – I have to at least quote this sentence in the last paragraph:

“Instead of openly admitting that they want to use any means necessary to force their religious beliefs on women, religious wingnuts instead are pretending that they are actually being oppressed if they are forced by law to respect others’ right to their own beliefs. They’ve convinced themselves that black is white, that they’re beliefs can only be respected if they are allowed to force them on others.”

Some more links:Ill. pharmacists withhold emergency pill – action being taken by Walgreen’s against those who refuse to fill prescriptions.

I honestly just wonder about people sometimes.

What’s even worse is when people’s wacko actions like this rub off on the non-wacko yet still religious folks. It just gives anyone religious a bad rap, and then when someone slams another’s belief system it’s humorous or OK because everyone knows that all religious people are crazy.

Why can’t everyone just let others believe what will make them happy and worry about themselves? That is seriously my motto about religion in life. If it makes you happy, and doesn’t hurt others, more power to you.

And if other beliefs make others happy, then why ruin that for them? It’s their life, not yours. If it makes them happy, then isn’t that great, that they’ve found something to believe that makes them happy? Yes! It is! It’s great! Just because it’s not for you doesn’t mean it’s not for them.

amy will step off the rickety soapbox now, because she really sucks at trying to get her opinions across anyway and it’s best left to other people.

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