Dec 05 2005

weekend wrap up

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Very quick weekend summary:

  • -1.0 lbs. Yay! There’s more to this story, but I shall sum it up this way: Always pee before weighing in.
  • The southern living party went well – a couple of friends read my blog on Friday and then did a supriseroo and attended! Awwww shucks. Thanks guys. I’ll never invite you to one of these things again. EVER! I shall also not have a pity party for myself cause now I feel like I guilted them into it. Well, at least I’ll wait on the pity party until it’s over.
  • I have pink eye. No doubt, caught from my son. Little impromptu poll on the situation.
    • Should I use my son’s prescription drops for me as well and don’t bother going to the doctor?
    • Should I use my son’s drops until I can get to the doctor and get my own prescription?
    • Should I not use my son’s drops and wait til I get my own prescription from the doctor?

    I won’t say what I’m doing. But I’m just interested in seeing what people think. I wish I knew how to do an actual poll, but you all will just have to write comments. Poor you. Suffering from my lack of technology. Well, I don’t lack the technology, I just lack the motivation. I am lazy.

That’s all for now, except to say that it’s supposed to snow tonight. I love snow. Also, if the government declares that it is closed, I also don’t have to go to work! And I get to charge the day to client leave (as opposed to having to use vacation). GO SNOW!

OOh – also, remind me to tell you the 2 cute kid stories that happened over the weekend. The one with Ethan in the car, and the one with Jocelyn and the milk. Oooh, also Ethan and the napping Jocelyn.

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