Jan 13 2006

I just want to say…

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Isn’t it odd how someone can be totally caught up in a complete stranger’s life? I guess it isn’t really that strange. Even though Heather & co. don’t know me, I know them. I can so totally relate, having the whole mormon heritage thing going for me, and when I read about Leta’s progress this morning, I felt that so-happy-I-might-cry feeling that I get from looking at my own spawn.

It’s a busy busy day today, and I’m feeling good. I have new sexy underwear on, and it’s doing the trick! The end of the day can’t come too soon. I know I’ve been all mopey and not writing, cause of the having to enter in old lost posts, but the light at the end of the tunnel is near and then I will be bombarding the internet with many many more words.

– amy dances to the beat of the drum

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