Jan 26 2006

new look!

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Hello internet!
My old look sucked rocks. So I did a new one 🙂

I still need to get FlickrRSS working. Anyone know how to do that?

And something wonky is going on with the ‘view single post’ layout that I’ve no idea how to fix. It’s only on the most recent post. If you click on the header to this post, you’ll see what I mean. (Unless of course, I’ve fixed it by the time you read this, in which it’s too late to play this game.)

But other than that. I like it! The header has the paperwhites in my window. Aren’t they pretty? I wish spring was here already. In a way, I have tricked mother nature. I have FORCED these bulbs into blooming BEFORE THEY’RE BIOLOGICAL/ NATURE CLOCK TELLS THEM TOO. Yes, that’s me. The dominatrix of the botanical world. GROVEL BEFORE ME, BULBS! I will refridgerate you and then plant and place you in a sunny spot and YOU WILL BLOOM OR FEEL MY WRATH. DO NOT ANGER THE AMY OR I CHAIN YOU UP AND SPANK YOU OR AT THE VERY LEAST, DENY YOU WATER.


So, new look! Carry on!

-AMY! RAWRRR! … err, i mean, amy 🙂

UPDATE: I fixed the wonkiness on the single post view! Yay me!

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2 Responses to “new look!”

  1. Jason Golodon 26 Jan 2006 at 10:41 pm

    Amy, cool mods to the theme. Try the falbum plugin if you are looking to post your flickr album(s) on here. I actually posted on the wiki for that plugin on how to integrate it with the AR theme.

  2. raineon 27 Jan 2006 at 8:31 am

    Thanks, and thanks for the theme! I’ll look into falbum, I remember checking it out and dismissing it for some reason, but I’ll look again!