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May 05 2009

where did the posies (poppies) go?

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Every year I am spectacularly surprised and elated at the arrival of these lovely poppies that spring up on the nutley exit from I-66 east. Every year I am NEVER expecting them until suddenly, there they are, a whole SLEW of gorgeous gently nodding posies. I think they have replaced irises and lilies as my favorite flower ever.

You may have seen them too, because EVERY may, I put them in my banner!




Until this year – I keep looking for them. They should be here. It IS May, RIGHT? I’m not dramatically getting my months mixed up? Ethan’s birthday is this Saturday, and Mother’s day is next, so no, I’m not totally screwy in the head!

Where are my posies?

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Jul 25 2008

Post Seen On Craigslist

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Makes great compost.

You cut and rake.

(the listing was already removed or I’d link it.)

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May 14 2008

tomatoes – a moral tale

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Last year I neglected our cherry tomato plants.

They did VERY well. But I was too busy to go and pick tomatoes every other hour (that was about the rate that they produced).

I know, I know, I suck. Fresh, beautiful tomatoes and I let them overripen and drop off the vine.

Well, I’m getting my come-uppance now.

Do you know what happens if you let dozens of cherry tomatoes just fall on the ground and decompose?

It’s hard to see in that picture, but those little specks of green around the established plants are tomato seedlings.

Yup. A LOT of tomato seedlings.

And I of course had to rip them all out. (I did leave some for this year).

I am a baby tomato murderer.

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Apr 29 2008

mini brain dump

We planted some peas, but other than that, no garden planning has been done this year. Last year I sweated blood and tears over my sweet little indoor starter seedlings, and then I promptly killed them when I tried to harden them off outside (and it wasn’t the hardening. it was the not watering. i suck). So all the grow lights stayed in the closet this year and we’ll just be putting things directly into the ground.

I won’t be growing zuchini or cucumbers, because a) no one ever ate any but me, and b) the zucchini grew to GARGANTUAN sizes before I could pick them, which makes them less yummy.

The raspberries look like they are going to take over the world, the roots have REALLY spread out, and the strawberries are all intermingled with the raspberries. I should have done something about them last fall and now it’s too late. Note to self: Move the strawberries somewhere ELSE next fall. We already have a TON of little green baby strawberries growing. I can’t WAIT.

We’re doing sunflowers along the deck again – I LOVED those. We planted them on Sunday. I may also plant a pumpkin, because our mystery pumpkin was so much fun. Will definitely plant it later in the spring/summer though, as the pumpkin was ready long before October, and we’ll want some for halloween, o’course!

I’m totally screwing the pooch on some of my new years goals, so I need to go over that. Blech.

Soccer and tball season is upon us. Ethan’s games are going well, and I think he is really having a ball. Jocelyn love, love LOVES her soccer practice/games and even if she is a little clingy during them, afterward she always says, “I had SO MUCH FUN!” We had a vague repeat of the first game from last spring and I had an eerie deja vu feeling. It’s fun, but it really does run us ragged. Our menu planning is going to go SO downhill. I am the manager for Jocelyn’s team, so far I’ve only forgotten 1 thing. ERr, 2 things. At least I’ve come a long way since our first soccer game. Maybe.

i have very cute pictures that i need to do something.

It’s a shame that I fell off the 360 photos thingee because now the camera is sitting there, getting dusty. Someday I should pick it up again.

OK, not really money, but budget. The more I use YNAB, the more I LOVE it and I want to wax philosophical about that and see if I can’t get some of you to USE IT!


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Aug 24 2007

more random thoughts

Remember my mystery squash? You were all correct. It was a pumpkin. It turned orange and then the vine started to mysteriously die and I thought, what the hell, it’s not october?! GROW SOME MORE! So I’ve no idea if it was the right thing to do, but I picked the pumpkin and pruned the vine back a bit, hoping that will spurt some new growth and new pumpkins.

Also I think I figured out how it got there. The only thing I planted from seed was the sunflowers surrounding it. I planted other seeds, but not outside, I started them indoors (most of them died of neglect once they got outside and I had to buy plants at lowes). So I was really confused on how in the world that freaky pumpkin plant GOT there!

Then I remembered that I laid out compost in the late spring. And I BELEIVE I tossed last years pumpkins in the compost bin last fall. And while most of them were carved (no seeds) I beleive that there was one that sat there whole until it started to rot and then was tossed with the rest.

Thus.. pumpkin seeds in the compost. compost spread in beds. VOILA! Pumpkin vine! Pumpkin!

The pumpking is inside now awaiting to be made into pumpkin cupcakes, the best pumpkin destination I know for it.

In other garden news, my raspberries are really taking off. There were always one or two ready to pick and eat, but when i went out yesterday, I picked (and promptly ate) enough to fill a bowl. Exciting exciting stuff! The tricksy part will be NOT eating them so that I can do something with them.

However, next year I’m going to have to make some sort of support for them because they’re tall, bent over, and I’ve got raspberries growing on the dirt.

In other catch up news, I got my latest piece of etsy artwork and I love it I love it I love it:


Obviously not enough to actually hang it yet, though. Shoosh, I’ve been busy. I did get a frame though, don’t I get credit for that?

I never did post the other artwork I got, so here you go, it’s hanging in my guest room:

ain’t it beeyootiful?

have a loverly weekend, all!

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Jul 31 2007

new august banner

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crazy mokes - august 2007

I like it.

Nay, I LOVE it.

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Jul 21 2007

i’m sorry, i cannot come to the blog right now. i’m busy reading harry potter. please look at this garden porn and i’ll be back with you sometime next week.

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sunflowers against the deck


This is my mystery squash. It turned up right in my row of sunflowers and I’ve no idea how it got there. I recognized it as some sort of squash, let it grow, and now it’s threatening to invade china. Anyone know what it is?
mystery squash

mystery squash

(same squash, different angle)
mystery squash

I shoudln’t be allowed to plant anything that hangs. Only things that have access to the timer released drip irrigation watering system.
dying hanging basket
I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

overflowing cherry tomato plants, both of which need staking desparately. Still producing prodigiously.
cherry tomato plants

tomato plant

fruit of my labor.. too bad i let the zucchini overgrow

After 3 years, my hydrangea finally produced 2 blooms. This is the one that shows.
pink hydrangea

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Jul 03 2007


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Jun 27 2007


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caterpillar on parsley

decimated parsley

Our friends the caterpillars (who should turn into beautiful swallowtails) brought us great joy for a week or two. We would run out and squeal with glee and watch the great plump caterpillars wiggling about in our parsley (the kids were excited too!) They stripped our parsley plant naked, and now we haven’t seen a wiggle from them since.

I feel so used.

(Not really. I’m thinking of planting more just to entice them back.)

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Jun 17 2006


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