Jan 22 2006


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If Jocelyn spots you resting your eyes or even in a relatively motionless horizontal position, she’ll walk over and holler, “WAKE UP!!!” and giggle until you look at her.

Other things she is doing – using the word “too”.

me: “Let’s go downstairs.”
jocelyn: “yeah! downstairs, too.”

me: “I’m going to have some oatmeal!”
jocelyn: “nummies! meal, too!”

Everything she says usually has a big pause in the middle.

“Here… Ethan. Here…. ethan.”

“Hi. … Mommy.”

However, she is stringing more words together, and the other day she said “I” for (i think) the first time.

Sitting at breakfast, she cast some unwanted piece of food off the table, looked at us, and said, “I dropped it.” Usually, it’s just, “dropped it.”

Last night was a great night out, though we are old farts who came back and sent the babysitter home at 9:30. NINE THIRTY PEOPLE! It’s actually because there really weren’t any movies we wanted to see. We had a nice time though, and of course had an even nicer time once we were home. Ahem.

After all the niceness, we decided that we should get our scale out, lay down on the floor and try to weigh our heads. I told him it was just in case I went missing and he got a box in the mail he would know by the relative weight whether or not it is my severed head. Oh yeah, afterglow in our house is just so damn sexy. Then I told him it might come in an oversized pickle jar. Maybe I should leave that in my will. “I wish to have my head severed and preserved in a pickle jar.

I really really really don’t. But it is a funny thought, heads in a pickle jars.

We’re off to Ikea to look at things that may or may not be purchased to put in our basement once our extra room down there is finished. I also want to check out their laminate fake wood flooring. Then tonight I’m off to POKER I’M SO EXCITED IT’S BEEN SO LONG SHOE MONEY TO-NIGHT!

– have a lovely Sunday.

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