Feb 22 2006

happy birthday to meeeeee…

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It’s weird to feel this old. Not that 32 is that old, or that I’m belly-aching my age.

No, it’s weird to not have that “it’s my birthday! yippee skippee fun fun!!” feeling with me all the time. It’s been a couple of years that I’ve really had that feeling. You know, the feeling of, “It’s my special day!” with the occassional mopey “why do i have to work on MY SPECIAL day!” feelings or even the feelings of “why do i have to do this (enter mundane thing here) ON MY BIRTHDAY!”

Now that I’m old, it’s more like, a normal day with the occasional feeling of “Wow, oh yeah, it’s my birthday!” I knew that I would feel this way which is why I told James taht I wanted a present to unwrap on my birthday. It’s FUN to feel all yippee skippy! I WANT that old “yay!” feeling all day long back. I started to waffle on the present thing a few days ago because I knew James was busy with class both nights before my birthday, but he stopped me and said I was getting a present, dammit, NO WAFFLING ALLOWED! We are still going to get me a bike, but we haven’t gotten around to it yet – busy busy. So this is just a little something for me to have today. Big present still to come.
And he’s right 🙂 Everyone should get a present on their birthday. James brought the kids in to say happy birthday to me right as we were all heading downstairs to leave, and while it was kind of a non-event for them, Jocelyn pitching a fit over being bodily handled (her daddy dared PICK HER UP! SHOCKING!) and Ethan deciding to be all mopey, it was still nice 🙂

It’s snowing this morning, and as soon as I just accepted the fact that traffic sucked and I would be at work an hour later than planned, it was nice to see the snow fall all pretty. It is going to warm up soon and turn to rain, and no schools even thought about closing, so it also is a non-event, except for the prettiness. I wish I worked next to a window so I could see it, cause it’s really coming down. (I can still see it, I just have to actually TURN AROUND to look. Piffle. Can’t be bothered. It’s my birthday for heaven’s sake.)

So, I’m late to work, which means it’s time to get BUSY, but I have been wanting to write, and so I did.


– amy is older today and didn’t use spell-check because IT’S HER BIRTHDAY! and so there will probably be a lot of tehs and taht’s and e’s before i’s even after c’s.

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