Feb 17 2006

wishful thinking

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I wish there were more foreign language options for young kids. I would love to see immersion programs in our county schools, but aparently we’re living in the wrong county. It seems like right now, when they are so young and picking up everything quicker than quick, NOW is the time for them to be hearing another language and picking it up. I even looked for private preschools in our area, but nothing.

Doesn’t this seem like a no-brainer? There is research that points that language is easier when you are young. Research also points that kids that learn/study another language do better in other areas academically. Why don’t all ELEMENTARY schools have foreign language programs in place? Ethan has a weekly spanish class in his pre-school, and he will often sing me the spanish songs about numbers and body parts. I wish they would do even more.

Jocelyn can count to ten already. Heaven knows we haven’t been working on it or anything. Sometime in the last few months, she just started counting all the time. She picked up a floating “3” foam number in the bathtub last night and gleefully said, “THREE!” so she even knows what a 3 looks like. She must be watching a lot of sesame street at her daycare.

Maybe that’s teh answer. We’ll quit tivo-ing Little Einstiens and the other shows, and just pick something off of a spanish network. Might not be a bad idea.

How does one go about getting more immersion programs in one’s public school?

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  1. annaon 17 Feb 2006 at 11:11 am

    You can attend your school board meetings (ours has one every month or every other month) and propose the idea. It is a really good idea, but most of the public schools don’t have the additional funding to implement new curriculum and when funds are found they are generally put into the high schools or as in our elementary school’s case, teaching english as a second language.