Feb 02 2006

i’m not dead. i’m just too busy to breathe.

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Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated, although, work has recently tried to kill me with work. I got handed something on Friday afternoon and then was surprised on Sunday evening by someone assuming I had handed out assignments and worked on it all weekend, when I had partied, auto showed, and weight watch meeting-ed. So, I spent Sunday, and every evening since doing work related things while Gilmore Girls is playing on the telly, instead of doing fun blog (reading the massive bloglist, as well as writing) related things while watching Gilmore Girls on the telly.

And then to top it all off, Ethan turned up feverish on Monday night, and his internal temperature continued to rise back up every time the ibuprofen or Tylenol wore off for the next 2 days, sometimes with drastic results (heat rash, poor poor boy). Tuesday I stayed home with him while trying to continue to work on aforementioned project. I also took him to the doctor and learned how to feel for swollen glands. For some reason I always thought that it was just puffy swollenness, but it isn’t. It is like feel a little pea under the skin, just under the jaw. Very weird. I had no idea those glands were so small. Antibiotics were prescribed, Target was visited, medicine procured. The doctor did warn me that it could take a few days for his fever to go down, since the infection was in the throat and sinuses. Apparently, it’s tougher in there? Or something?

Anyway, Ethan has had a rough couple of days. On Tuesday when I went up at the end of his naptime, he was burning up. BURNING UP. I was really frightened. I took him out of bed and into my bathroom and got him into the tub. It’s supposed to be one of the things that can bring a fever down, get into water around 99 degrees and sit in it for a while. I also gave him Tylenol, of course, and soon he was doing much better. I didn’t even realize how bad it must have been until later, when I noticed a reddish coloring on his forehead which was a heat rash from the fever. Yikes. It’s gone now though. He needed some drugs halfway through the night on Tuesday (last night), but morning came and no medicine was required! Progress! James stayed home with him today, and except for a little rise in temperature around mid-day, Ethan is much improved. If tonight goes with no fever, he can go to school tomorrow. Which will be good, because neither James or I can really take much work off. I don’t have any vacation time, and James is in the last few days of his current job, when he is trying to impart all his knowledge to others. It’s been a rough winter for sickness in this house. I hope we can all get healthy and stay healthy for a while.

This weekend was pretty busy also. Busy, but fun.

I can’t remember if we did anything Friday. Saturday I went to my weight watcher’s meeting (down 2 lbs! I’ll remake my project skinny page soon, i swear) and then went home so that James could go pee in a cup for the reassurance of his soon-to-be employer. Saturday night our trusty babysitter came, Jocelyn took one look at her and wailed, we left, and according to the babysitter, she stopped crying before we had even got out of the driveway. Much partying and playing of Ms. Pac-man was had at Tamara’s birthday party (I need Ms. Pac-man. In my home. Today.)

Oh, and then there was the biggie. Not like, of importance (Tamara, you’re not being out-importanced!) Biggie as in, biggie stressful, biggie expenditure of effort, BIGGIE BIGGIE! We went to the DC auto show. WITH OUR CHILDREN!!! It’s at the DC convention center, on two massive levels, and there are approximately, then quadrizillion people there. After about an hour, I turned to Chris and James and said, “I just want to go on the record, when we lose Ethan before the end of the day, I knew it was going to happen.” It was exhausting. And not just for the parents, for the kiddos too. As was displayed to us, and to all quadrizillion people who walked by and witnessed Ethan prostrate on the ground in the midst of a full on tantrum. Didn’t want to walk, refused to get in the stroller, wouldn’t get on Daddy’s shoulders. Just had a little break down in the midst of the convention. First I left him alone (sat down near him) and let him get some of his frustration out, and then I wrestled him into the stroller and went walking. Took him down to the first level, where all the race cars were. That was kind of funny, because he would STARE at them, and then sort of remember that he was in tantrum mode, and cry some more, and then forget and STARE at all the race cars. THEN, I found a little RC race track where they were selling spots at the controls for $4 bucks a pop and he completely forgot as we watched the cars go around and around.

We tried to hurry and see the last few cars we wanted to see and then skedaddled out of there for the over an hour trip back to our burb-land. It was EXHAUSTING. We agreed that maybe we’d try again when they’re 42, and 40. The rest of Sunday we drank heavily to try to dull the pain.

So, there you go, a very rambling entry, but at least now that I’ve gotten all the wheres whys and howtofores out of my system, next entry I can tell you all about my musings on my bladder, and how I believe I’ve lost the ability to tell when it’s full. (quick hint: pregnancy.) I bet you can’t wait.

– amy

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    Welcome back to the land of the living.