Mar 30 2006

Cute Kid Stories – Episode 432

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Ethan’s teacher Ms. Maria is from Brazil, and she was a doctor in her country. She has been taking classes to become certified here in the US, and it was with a sad heart that we learned she will be leaving Ethan’s school to persue her chosen profession, and her last day with Ethan’s class will be Friday.

Another mom left a note in all the kids’ backpacks on how she’d like to organize a booklet for Ms. Maria so she will have something to remember her time at the school. So last night as the kids were eating dinner, I sat down with paper and pen and tried to pry something cute and nostalgic out of Ethan. The paper started, “I will miss Ms. Maria because…” and we were to fill in what Ethan will miss most. The ensuring conversation pointed out how very much a 3 year old Ethan is.

me: So what do you think you’ll miss most about Ms. Maria, Ethan?
him: Um… I don’t know.
me: “I will miss Ms. Maria because….” *waits, looking at Ethan*
him: because when I get bigger, I will go and look everywhere and I will FIND HER.
me *decides to focus on the positive and ignore future stalking tendencies*: I hope we will see Ms Maria again someday. Do you like it when she gives you hugs?
him: Mmmmm. Yeah. (very non committally)
me: How about when she sings songs in spanish? Do you like that?
him: Yeah!
me: Ok, *writing and talking* “… she teaches me songs in spanish.” What else do you like about Ms Maria, Ethan?
him: *thinking*
me: *trying to prompt him* “I will miss Ms. Maria because…”
him: I will miss Ms. Maria because she toots!
me and james look at each other and can’t help giggling: *hee hee* Honey, I’m not going to write that. What else? Does she help you cut with scissors?
him: No, I can CUT ALL BY MYSELF!
me: Ahaaa.. did Ms. Maria SHOW you how to do it by yourself?
him, getting excited: YEAH! SHE DID!
me: Ok, I’ll write that down! “.. because she showed me how to cut with scissors all by myself.”
me (thinking we got enough mimsy pimsy stuff and it’s time to go for the heart strings: But really Ethan, you’ll miss Ms. Maria because you love her, don’t you?
Ethan: Yeah, I do!
me: *writes that down*
Ethan: And because she colors with markers!! WRITE IT DOWN!
me: Ok. *writes it down*
Ethan: And because she’s a stinky butt! WRITE IT DOWN!
me: I don’t think so.

Ms. Maria’s farewell note:

I will miss Ms. Maria because…
she sings me songs in spanish, and
she showed me how to cut with scissors all by myself, and
I will miss Ms. Maria because I love her. And she colors with markers.
Ethan P.

I did the whole letters with a dotted line for his name so that he could trace the letters of his name. He was very proud when he was finished.

The little stinky butt 🙂

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