Mar 13 2006

Things I DO NOT feel guilty about:

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  1. Sneaking food into movie theatres. I LOVE to do it. Sometimes I’m disappointed when we go to dinner before a movie, because then there’s really no excuse to sneak in some snacks. And what fun is a movie if you can’t sneak in snacks?
  2. Not cleaning up dog vomit.
  3. Having cleaning ladies come to our house on a regular basis.
    Oh yes. This has occured, people. Our first visit was last Friday.
    Oh, I know I should feel guilty. How much of a yuppie could we be with our living in the suburbs and blatently wasting money on cleaning ladies when we could just scrub our toilets OURSELVES, but the truth is, it just doesn’t happen and when you have cleaning ladies you have to run around and pick up all the clutter and that’s just the kind of motivation I need to keep this place cleaned up. We have the, “people coming over” motivation, and the “relatives coming to visit”, and then there’s the “let’s pick up because we deserve to have a clean house and it will make us feel better” motivation, and guess which one always loses? (We promise to stop talking as if we are royalty.)
  4. Eating bananas. Nope, nothing shameful about eating a banana! Totally guilt-free, there! Seeeeeee??? I don’t feel guilty about LOTS of things.
  5. Yeah, I’m running out of items.

OK, so there’s many more things I feel guilty about then I do not guilty about. Oh! Writing on this webspace! No guilt there!

That’s all. Short post. THE END!

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