Mar 16 2006

so sick. so weak.

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I stayed home and worked yesterday because I just felt kind of run down and needed a working in your jammies kind of day. I actually got quite a bit done and was feeling pretty good.

Then at 1am last night, I awoke with an urgent need. Oh yes, the urgent need to vomit. And so crawl to the bathroom I did (i have never been more happy that we have cleaning ladies as when I was sitting in that bathroom alternately clutching the porcelain and spewing out my stomach’s innards, and curled up in a fetal ball on the floor) and puked and shivered and puked some more.

the kind man who sleeps in the same room as me heard my feeble cries and came and brought me tylenol, ginger ale, and more blankies. The tylenol and the ginger ale didn’t last long in me (i drank them way way too quickly) and after a fruitless bath to try to stop the shivering, I climbed back into bed to shiver, now WET, underneath the mountain of blankets. The trash can came in handy, when the rest of the ginger ale was evicted.

So now, here I am at home, hoping the folks at home don’t think I am just playing hooky (I’m sick! I really am!) feeling miserable and scared to eat or drink anything for fear of it coming back up. I’m taking small sips of water and gingerale and seem to be tolerating it OK.

I wonder where this came from, honestly, because I was fine and dandy yesterday. James fetched us Subway for dinner, and I’d hate to think it was food poisoning somehow. I just hope it clear up soon.

So. that’s me. Sick. Wish me luck in my porceain adventures.

-amy pleads, “don’t let the kids get sick, don’t let the kids get sick, don’t let the kids get sick, don’t let the kids get sick!”

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  1. annaon 16 Mar 2006 at 9:23 am

    Ugh, I hope you get to feeling better quickly (and that it doesn’t move on to the kids).

  2. Tamaraon 17 Mar 2006 at 8:07 am

    I’ve been sick for like a week now. I feel your pain. I send you get well vibes. And I’m with you on the dont let the kids get sick.

    Hope you feel better real fast!