Apr 28 2006

a dream the first morning in New Jersey…

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We arrived at our hotel pretty late, around 1 or 2am last Friday night.

I don’t think the BOTH of us have been away from the kids, together, since … oh.. I don’t know, they were born? The big huge event we were looking forward to (besides, you know, the blessed event of two people joining together in matrimony, you know, BESIDES ALL THAT) ….

was the sleeping in. OH CRIMINITLY, how I was looking forward to just sleep sleep sleeping in.

So there I was, Saturday morning with noone hammering on the side of the bed with a toy hammer, or rattling the slats of their crib because they’ve been awake for an hour and are finally getting bored — yes, there I was, SLEEPING IN (oh sweet rapture how I miss thee!!), and I was starting to wake up, but kept willing myself to go back to sleep, just because I COULD, DAMMIT, when I had this dream.

I was invited to join this club or organization of some sort, and was somewhat astounded to be in it, because there were quite a few high profile bloggers in it, and in my dream, we were all living in the same neighborhood.

It snowed, and there was snow that had to be shoveled, so we all pitched in and started shoveling, and James was there, and shoveling and working hard right alongside Jason Kottke when all of a sudden he stopped, put down his shovel and said to me, “Well, I just laid some tile in World of Warcraft and the grout has to set for 10 minutes before you can use it, and it’s been 10 minutes, so I have to go.” I’ve mentioned before how I have this jealous hatred of WoW, and in my dream, I could not BELEIVE that James was leaving the important work of shoveling snow to GO LAY TILE IN WORLD OF WARCRAFT. I told him off, threw down my shovel, and ran away like a hurt pre-teen who asked her first crush to the school dance and got laughed at. I knew he would come after me, so I ran into someone’s open garage, and then was aghast to hear the owners start to pull in, and I was so embarassed that I was hiding in my neighbor’s (and yet I didn’t know who’s it was) garage that I hid deeper, if you will, until I saw that it was Heather Armstrong (aka Dooce) getting out of the car, and then I really was mortified because how do you explain that you just had to hide from your husband who was busy laying tile in World of Warcraft and one of the most popular blogger ever just happened to be the garage that was handiest and no, I’m not a stalker, but Leta sure is cute and good luck on that sewage problem and I hope her college savings is still intact and I’ll be sure to click on the ads for that purpose and gee, we have that same lawn mower and I’ll be getting out of your hair now and again, no restraining order necessary, really …? (I had to look back and see that yes, that sentence really was supposed to have a question mark at the end. I need help.) (I also didn’t know about the sewage problem when this dream took place, but you get my point. Many things going through the head, in dreamland, that’s my point.)

By now I was really drifting up out of the dream, into that place where you are still dreaming, but it’s like you’re floating above everything, WATCHING the dream as it unrolls, and sometimes if you’re lucky, you can take control of the dream and go on really cool adventures, or even better, SEX DREAMS. Anyway, I wasn’t lucky enough to dream a sex dream (with Heather! Ooh La la!) but I pretty much ruined the dream and woke up by just being so damned AMUSED at DREAMING about james LAYING TILE IN AN ONLINE GAME. I have played RPG games called muds where you have to actually role play stuff out, but you know, you gloss over that kind of crap – he was ACTUALLY LAYING TILE, and HAD TO WAIT FOR THE GROUT TO SET UP PROPERLY. I woke up and instantly poked james and said, “You were laying tile in World of Warcraft, you ninny!” cackling with laughter. It’s a good thing it was so damned funny or I still would have been PISSED OFF.


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