Apr 27 2006

ways to irritate my mother:

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  1. Continually refer to the guy I let ride to work with me, thus giving me the ability to drive in the HOV lane to and from work, as “My Psycho Killer Rapist.” With James, I’ve just shortened it to PKR, but my mother chided me about it so I just HAD to say the entire thing out every chance I got.
  2. Chew gum. Blow bubbles. Repeat.
  3. Bring her within FIVE MILES of a mall and then not take her in.
    Just kidding. I could handle hanging upside down and being whipped with wet noodles, but then she turned hardball. After my first fingernail came out, I caved and we went in. Found a beautiful quilt on sale that James was AGHAST that I bought, but I love it anyway.

More will probably be added to this list as I think of/remember things.

Um.. Mom, if you’re reading this, I love you 🙂

– amy has her mom’s mother’s day present all picked out. Now to just not forget when the time finally comes…

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