Apr 27 2006

my fingers WANT to type! Really they do!

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I wanted to sit down tonight and write and write and post lots and lots of pictures, but it has been an evening of frustration at the lack of space on my hard drive.

My folks have been in town, and my dad is an excellent photographer. I know next to nothing, and I learned quite a bit from him while he was here, including the importance of taking pictures in raw mode.

Raw mode = lots of hard drive space.

Raw mode also = need for Photoshop CS2 for photo fiddling.

I’m out of space on my hard drive. Grrrrrrr. So I need to organize what I have, copy them down to our file server, maybe back them up on CD as well, and then delete.

I’m especially frustrated because with all the events that have gone on in the last week, I feel all non-functioning until I can write it all down. It’s almost like I can’t do or experience anything else because I haven’t written the past stuff down yet. Stop, life! Don’t throw anything at amy, she’s not ready! She hasn’t blogged about what’s already happened yet!

So I’ll post soon, and there will be many many photos. I’ll probably post a few here and there over the next few days.

-amy can’t wait for the weekend, except it’s going to be crazy busy also with a yard sale.

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