May 04 2006

ANOTHER new banner

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I wasn’t liking the old one the morning after. Oh yes, morning after regret, how I know thee. I loaded it up all bleary eyed with that pounding headache from all the booze and drugs, and the banner looked all dark and smudgy and not at all the way I remembered it from the night before. So I dumped it (but I still love your lamp, Tamara!) and went with this all-Ethan-all-the-time banner. He was mugging furiously for the camera and James was snapping away, and I thought it would look pretty nice as a banner. Pretty sure that tomorrow morning, me and this banner will still be on speaking terms. Hit reload if necessary.

Plus, Jocelyn needs more fodder for when she is a sullen teenager, and she point at this and holler, “YOU ALWAYS LOVED ETHAN MORE! YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND ME!” before stomping off to her room and slamming the door with the violence of .. well, a sullen teenager and then cranking up the 2019 version of The Cure at top volume.


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