May 22 2006

Friday Meetings

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I had a pretty rough week at work last week filled with looming deadlines and under the breath muttering and finally finishing up with a too-loud-for-the-office “talk” on Thursday with fingers pointing about who’s to blame with Friday kind of on a low simmer all day long. It is nice to look on this week as fresh and new with a lot less stress. Monday morning idealist. Yes, that is what I am. Come Wednesday, I’ll slink in all cynical and downtrodden. But today is Monday and it’s beautiful outside and ahhh.. life is nice.

I have a lot of meetings every other week on Friday, and last week was a meeting Friday. I brought in a notepad, and jotted down the amusing things folks said in the 1.5 hours of meetings I attended:

“I told them no, I’m not doing it until I get all the content. I’m like a hostess, I’m not going to seat you until your whole party is here. Give me ALL of it, and THEN you’ll get your webpage.”

“No, I haven’t even thought of that project. It’s not even on my plate yet. It’s not even in the fridge. It’s back at the grocery store, that’s how far I am to getting to it.”

“Well, I had a problem with this project. So I waited a while, and it went away.”

“I’m doing a lot of stuff. I just don’t want to talk about it.” (This was in a meeting specifically for keeping everyone updated on what you’re doing.)

– “Well, so I can use Charley then, since he’s not busy.”
– “No you can’t, I said I was going to use Charley. I called him. I CALLED DIBS ON CHARLEY!”

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