May 31 2006

PKR update

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I no longer have a PKR. Today I dropped him off at the Honda dealership in Manassas, and he called this evening to inform me he’s the proud new owner of an small Isuzu SUV.

It has been nice to drive in the HOV lane, but overall, I’ll be glad to have my unfettered commute back. I had to leave by 6:50am every morning in order to get to his place at 7:15. I think I made it there by 7:15… maybe one time. I was always closer to 7:20 or 7:30, and it bugged me every time that I was late, even though he never seemed to care. Yesterday (Tuesday) he took the day off from work for personal business and so I commuted alone. I left a little later than I usually do – about 7:10am – and still arrived at work about the time I would have w/ my PKR, 8am.

He has always been the perfect passenger, never touching the radio or even commenting on my choice of listening material, but I have always been kind of self conscious about whatever I play and am constantly flipping around.

Also, I am always very self conscious listening to my favorite music that I MUST sing along to. I didn’t let my PKR stop me, but it will be nice to belt away without being conscious of every note.

So.. while I won’t miss him on my commute so much, I will miss him. He is a nice man and our morning and afternoon chats have always been nice.

– amy told him about the “PKR” business, and he laughed and laughed.

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