Jun 01 2006

i would like pink hair, down to my knees

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Today was Ethan and Jocelyn’s end of year program at school. It was very cute. Pictures to come, I’m sure. That was how the morning was spent.

I took the entire day off. James went to work after the picnic at the school. I took the kids home. After naptime, I took Jocelyn to get her hair cut at the same place I get mine cut. When I’ve taken her to the kids hair cut place where I take Ethan, they seem to think she is a boy and cut off ALL her hair. She’ll never get her hair cut there again. Butchers.

However, with this new haircut, I can’t really tell a difference – Not from this place, and the old place. I can’t tell if her hair now is any different than it was before the haircut. In a way, that’s good, because I didn’t want them to cut it all off.

Jocelyn looks super cute in pig tails. However, she pulls them out after 2 minutes, EVERY TIME. Very frustrating.

We went to Target after the cutting of hair, and I let the kids get a toy each, as long as it wasn’t too expensive. I picked out Strawberry Shortcake for Jocelyn (with kitty, and a scooter!) and I kind of had my eye on a hot wheels race track I thought Ethan would like. He was into it, until he saw a Tonka box that had a whole slew of construction trucks. He decided he wanted that one instead. When we got home, he was totally absorbed with his new stuff. Jocelyn got her stroller and took her old doll out, threw it on the floor, put Strawberry in it, and pushed her around. Half hour later, she was done with Strawberry, and kept bugging Ethan by coming close to where he was playing, and looking at his stuff cross eyed. Just kidding, although I’m sure that would have bugged him too. She’d keep picking up stuff he wasn’t playing with and handing it to him and he’d get all mad whenever she touched anything that was his.

Ahhhhhh siblings.

This evening, I went to my friend Selena’s Sprintini party and drank a bit. I came home a little plastered. I broke one of her glasses. I don’t think I broke it in a drunken grand hand gesture, but one can never rely on drunk memory, can one.

So I’ve been home, with the nice buzz going, and therefore I’ve just spent the last hour brushing Strawberry Shortcake’s hair and doing it up in different ‘dos. I should have taken pictures, because Strawberry and I went through many many hairdos. Honestly, with beautiful fluffy pink hair like that, there really isn’t any way you can do it and have it look bad. Except when you do pigtails, because that exposes the slight bald spots she has in the back of her head, near the bottom. The Strawberry Shortcake makers put loooooots of hair along the front, but are pretty chintsy in the back. We’ve had a consultation about Rogaine, but we’ve decided that drugs are not the way to go. We will just work with her ASSETS to diminish her not-so-much-assets faults.* Better to do an UP do.

Just so you know, next time you have a Strawberry Shortcake Hair Emergency. Up ‘do’s = Gor-JEST!

The End.

UPDATE: I just read this over this morning and damn, so many errors. I’ve corrected a bunch of them.

* Last night writing this sentence, I COULD NOT remember the word “faults” and so I said, “not-so-much-assets”. The mind boggles. The drunken mind however, just makes shit up.

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