Jun 05 2006

what to write?

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Early on in this blog, I kind of wrestled with the whole, “oh my god this is on the internet and should i really be writing X or Y and if I do, what will happen?”

I usually go through this all over again everytime I’m pissed at James and want to rant. I don’t though, because that’s not fair to James, for me to tell you just my side and? he gets no chance to tell his. Generally, my rule of thumb is, if I’m thinking about writing about someone, I need to make sure that if they read it,? they won’t be peeved about it.

Generally, I think I’ve done pretty good, and at times I’ve just skirted the topic I really want to write about outright rather than tread in dangerous territory.

This weekend I came to some self realizations that I’d love to blather on about and therefore clear my mind and be able to move on to other things, but in coming to the realizations, it involves folks other than myself, and so I’m a bit squidgy about writing it all in true amy-mind-vomit style. The fact that it involves my family makes it even more difficult, so I’m more inclined to go the “full-stop” route.

Don’t you love it when someone says, “I want to write all these interesting things I’ve found about me. But I can’t. And I won’t. So NERRRRR.”

Seriously, why didn’t they just say nothing at all.

I suck 🙂

I think I *will* write it all, but I just have to figure out how first.

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