Jul 18 2006

cute jocelyn story

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Jocelyn loves her pillow. It may be her favorite “lovey.” When we go in to get her, she will pick it up and carry it with her like a doll, she loves it so much. She has a myriad of stuffed animals and babies as well, some more beloved than others. Last night she slept with a Care Bear that has jingly bells inside it so that it makes a soft tinkling noise when it moves. So, this morning she was in our bed with her pillow and I got her all dressed and then went back into the bathroom to blow dry my hair. The box of wipes were sitting on the bed and of course when I came back out, she had it open and was prying a wipe out. I quickly said, “only one” and moved the box out of reach.

She grinned at me and picked up her bear. “Blow your nose.” she instructed the bear.

Then she put the wipe up to her nose and blew. “I blew my nose, mommy!”

Then she reached up to my nose. “Blow your nose, mommy, BLOW!” I obeyed.

Then she reached over to her pillow. “Blow your nose, pillow. BLOW! I blew my pillow’s nose! I blew my pillow’s nose!”

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