Jul 09 2006

new theme

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I’ve been slaving away all weekend installing this OH SO TRICKY new theme.

OK, I’m lying. I installed it, tweaked a few things, and have been spending the rest of the time OOOHH-ing and AHHHH-ing over how neato burrito it is and then downloading more plugins and mods and hacks and do-dings and installing THOSE.

So, if you like it, please tell me. If you don’t, then go jump off a cliff, and if you find something broken, then please let me know.

That is all.

conversation between james and i last night:

me: staring at all this code makes me realize how very very little i know. css, i can waffle around in but code? i am lost.
james: wordpress is in php, right?
me: yup.
james: (silence)
me: (looks over at james)

he’s a big liar-head.

-amy goes back to oohhing and ahhing.

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