Jul 10 2006

ME! On the Dawn and Drew Show:

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UPDATE: I’ve started an actual page that I keep updated so check it out!

I love listening to the Dawn and Drew Show. James turned me on to it, and it was the first podshow I ever listened to. Once I decided that it rocked, I went to their website and started listening from SHOW #1. (Yes. That’s a lot of shows.) They have a comment line for leaving audio comments, and then they play some at the end of every show, and *cough* I usually call them.. a lot. What can I say. I AM A PARTICIPATER. I like to PARTICIPATE.

So I’ve decided to keep track of the comments I’ve made.

show #382: 31:20
I comment on the Roncat intro played in show 373 and the little bit at the end that Drew edited out.
show #378: 24:41 AND 27:48
I called in and rambled on about something, but I don’t even remember what it was. What I do remember, is being freaked out that there was a new message on their comment line, and I said something about that, including, “to hear this kooky new message, call…” Drew clipped that part out, and I was the audio comments intro! Then later, they play my little tidbit of knowledge about how a child is legitimate vs. illegitimate. I have to say, I pretty much sound like a big dork.

show #374: 5:30ish
I’m not on the show, but I’m pretty sure they are talking about me. I called in and told Dawn that I was worried about her and Katie and their relationship, and Dawn says it was a sweet message that folks are worried about her and Katie. Of course, it could be some other stalker-fan and but I just really think she was refering to me. I rambled on a good bit, and I really WAS worried!

show #354: 26:24 – 07.07.2006
I talk about the movie “CARS” and how much Ethan loved it and then tell them about my brainwashing project.

show #353: 25:23 – 07.07.2006
I pretend like the comment line is an answering maching (“PICK UP!”) and chew Drew out for not playing the background music that is usually playing during the audio comments.

show #335: 24:48 – 06.08.2006
I give a suggestion to the lesbian who’s girlfriend loves anal.

show #333: 26: 26:20 – 06.07.2006
I tell them my dirty secret about the comment line.

show #330: 15:36 – 05.31.2006
I tell Dawn and Drew how according to them, I really call my children ‘bitch’ – This wasn’t played in the audio comments, but played in the middle of the show

show #324: 24:20 – 05.24.2006
I sing an audio comment intro. It’s pretty dumb, but I LOVE IT!

There are more, I need to track them down though so I can make a note of them, so I’ll update this as time goes on and have some time to listen to old shows.

ones i know of and need to figure out what show they were on:

audio comment intro: “once there was a girl on a bus…”

audio advice question for “Ask Dawn” – I asked what I should use for Jocelyn’s girly bits in potty training. There was a lot of followup for many shows afterward.

audio comment: I tell Dawn that she bugs me every time she incorrectly uses the term “Literally…” (SHUDDER – i just HATE that. The word is not to be used for mere EMPHASIS PEOPLE!) (Dawn and Drew have gotten much better *grin*)
Embarassingly, there are more. I have an addiction. It’s name… IS DAWN AND DREW.

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