Aug 27 2006

ahhhhhh home

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So, we are home. We left the “yellow house” (as Ethan called it) at 9am Saturday morning, and got home about 7ish. Hit yucky traffic in NY and also in DE, of all places. The kids didn’t sleep in the car at all and despite the constant TV entertainment, they were really cranky as we drove through our neighborhood to our house. Ethan was so wound up he cried several times before going to sleep.

First thing I did: go grocery shopping.

Second thing I did: Water everything in my yard, except the grass. It’s brown. Oh well. It’ll come back. My neighbor watered for me once while we were away, and our cat sitter watered everytime she came as well – everything looks pretty good. Tomatoes – yum. I’d forgotten how good they were.

Third thing (and actually, first, since I started on it last night) go through mail / bills / finances.

And now, here I am, blogging. I managed to hold off until it is FOURTH! Astonishing!
Hey, look all those blurry camera phone pictures showed up! Some even look pretty good. Shocking! I looked a few times on James’ uber fancy phone, and the images weren’t showing up, so I worried. Never fear, we have lots of non-camera-phone images that I’m sure I’ll be sharing as well.

Speaking of photos. A little experiment I did early on showed me just HOW little I know about taking pictures. I usually just keep it on the “P” setting on my Canon 30D with RAW pictures, and then fiddle with some other stuff.. I took a shot of the sound, and then on a whim, switched it to the little landscape preset setting, and took another shot. Of course, the landscape shot turned out much much better than the first. I need to learn about all the things that camera can actually DO. Anyone want to a) show me or b) take a class with me?

It’s naptime now, but I can hear Jocelyn calling upstairs, “I WANT TO GET OUT! I WANT TO GET OUT!” They’ve been in their rooms for a while, so I guess I’ll go get them out.

I’m sure I’ll write more later. At GREAT length. Y’all will be wishing for the blurry camera pictures to come back.


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