Sep 13 2006

project runway – LIVE BLOGGING!

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I am sitting here and decided, hell. Why not stay up and watch PR LIVE instead of going to bed and watching it tomorrow.

Then I thought, hell, why not blog about it live also! What fun!

So, in case you haven’t seen the show yet, and don’t want to be spoiled by spoilers, you might wnat to stop now.

  1. So, they’re going to a party. Super fun.
  2. Going to be 2 guests. Olsen twins? I heard something about the Olsen twins?
  3. OMG!! OH MY GOD!! NOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I see Vincent. This can’t be good. Now’s their chance for revenge, if they have to dress him.
  4. Oh wow. Angela. Stick rosettes all over her.
  5. Oh. My. Goodness. They get a second chance. Holy shit, now THIS IS A TWIST! I LOVE IT!!!
  6. Cocktail party outfit using only black and white – I love this. It’s like a level playing field to have them all have to use the same colors. I think it’ll show us even more what they can do.
  7. Kind of nice to see Jeffrey eat crow, after gloating sooooo much about Angela being gone. Ha-ha!
  8. i like that Timm reiterated what I spotted. I feel smart now. shocking.
  9. WOW!!! They can’t leave any fabric any left over. they have to use it ALL! I LOVE IT!!
  10. I remember why I never watch TV live. I hate commercials. I love TiVo. TiVo is my friend.
  11. Oh no. “I’m going to do a hippie, beach party, cocktail dress.” JUST SAY NO ULI. I love you sweetie, but you need to steer CLEAR of the hippie look.
  12. I see Angela making a rosette with her fabric.
  13. vincent says they gave him extra fabric. excuses excuses.
  14. i wish that sweet girl who got kicked out with her paper dress had won one so she could have another chance, cause i bet she would KICK IT.
  15. dang, laura is getting really pregnant. poor woman, i bet she is SO tired.
  16. More commercials. Zach Braff’s movie looks cute. I like Zach Braff, even though he wrote “sam” (natalie portman’s character) in Garden State as the Ideal Version Of A Girl As Envisioned By A Boy, and not as a real person. Well, at least in spots. I liked that movie, really I did, that just bugged me a little bit.
  18. oh no. uli. NO. NO NO NO NO. NO “VERY 70s BEACHY” (they’re in the makeup thingee)
  19. You know what I love the most about Tim? I look at these outfits, and I know something is wrong, and Tim just walks over and points straight to the thing, and then I go, “Yeah. That’s it.” Michael did that for Kayne earlier too. I love Michael. GO MICHAEL.
  20. Laura looks like she’s about — … oh my god she’s crying. seriously, poor woman. she is so tired.. she needs to just go sleep for days.
  22. oh no… Gia has had an accident. i wonder what happened.. i hope she’s ok.
  23. i’m worried about kayne. i don’t have any real idea of a lot of their dresses..
  24. IF VINCENT…. no. i’m not even going to say it. it just WILL NOT happen.
  25. angela is stuffing her scraps in the purse to give it volume? is that allowed? did others do this? this blogging is really interupting my watching of the show! still. i love tivo. did kayne stuff his in his model’s bag also?
  26. OK people. i’m in commercials now.
  27. ALISON! that’s her name. I wish Alison could have come back on the show.
  28. angela: wow, i don’t hate it.
  29. kayne: it looks a little boring. that white is going to kill him though.
  30. laura: i… LOVE that dress. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.
  31. michael: she looks fantastic. not sure about that hairdo though.
  32. jeffrey: she looks like a 13 year old street walker.. i don’t like it at all.
  33. uli: oh my GOD, I LOVE THAT.. wow. i’m surprised.
  34. vincent: i think i saw the model’s Princess.
  35. let’s see what the judges think!!
  36. yay! they liked michael!
  37. vincent: that GOD nina doesn’t like it. cheap. TOO SHORT.
  38. uli: HAHA – looks like pool floats. they don’t LOOOOVE it. but i don’t think they hate it..
  39. angela: costumey. and she didn’t use her scraps.
  40. jeffrey: yeah, seeing that model again, i really don’t like that. not at all. judges think it’s cheap, NOT elegant. not stepping out of his element.
  41. laura: man.. i realy like this. it is just beautiful, and she managed to not have a V down to her navel. they like it, yay! i do like laura, i just felt like she was the SAME every week.
  42. kayne – oh i’m not feeling good.. nina at least sees that he was trying to step away from the cheap and tawdry.
  43. ok i’m pausing!

i always do this, every show.. i try to guess who’s going to win, and who’s going to lose. i think it’s got to go to michael. they didn’t have a single bad word to say about him, and his dress is fab. I predict, winner = Michael.

that means both the come-backs will be outta here, and one more designer will have to go. Jeffrey has won so many, I think it’ll be hard to cut him loose, even though I think he’s in the bottom. Kayne… oh kayne sweetie, you tried. so hard. but I think you’ll be going bye bye tonight. maybe some freak of nature jeffrey will go, but i bet kayne and jeffrey stand there together.

OK. UNpausing.

listeing to the judges gab.

eek. not looking good for uli. i liked it though. in the end, it’s still a beautiful dress.

OK HERE GOES! One is the winner! One of you will be out!

oh dammit, commercials.

HAHA!!! ALISON was the CLEAR winner in who everyone wanted to return! yay alison!

Winner: laura. she deserves it. so did michael, i bet that was a tough one. oh i’m so happy for her 🙂

bye bye angela. bye bye vincent.

BARF. Mr. Ego. “I do it so damn well. It’s a gift.” YOU WERE JUST CANNED, FREAKOZOID!

yeah, just as i predicted, kayne and jeffrey. it’s gotta be kayne.. i just love kayne, poor guy.

bye bye kayne. oh i’m so sad for him. Anna! He didn’t really have a whole collection in the making in the backroom of that bridal shop! Too bad.

And now the week of waiting begins again for NEXT week! I wish I had last season on my TiVo still, cause I’d watch it and dance around, “It’s just faaaaashiooooon!”

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