Sep 15 2006

What we have here, is a failure to communicate.

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Jocelyn is growing up so quickly. She speaks in pretty complete sentences now, but still in a babyish way. We can pretty much understand everything she’s saying, or make a pretty good guess, which she can then confirm or deny.

Looking back though, it’s funny to see how some things she says began, I’m sure, as her saying something, us not understanding and saying something else, then she ended up using THAT phrase and attributing it to her original object.

Then sentence was convoluted. Why don’t I just get right to it, shall we?

This one happened around Ethan’s birthday, back in May.

James went out with Jocelyn to get balloons for the shindig. She came back, saying what we thought was, “RED HOT BALLOON!” Well, she kept saying it over and over and we kept repeating it all day long. After the party, I realized she was ACTUALLY saying, “WE GOT BALLOONS!” But it was too late. “Red hot balloon” stuck, and we still have this ‘red hot balloon’ thing following us around wherever we go.

Here’s another one that I have no idea how it originated.

We got a new cat carrier earlier this year, for, well, carrying cats. It is pink (never let the kids come along or you will be forced to pick a color that you would normally gouge your eyes out before looking at yourself), and it had a long shoulder strap which I immediately took off, deeming that a cat carried in the carrier by the shoulder strap would be too jostling than holding it carefully by the shorter handles.

Anyway, that shoulder strap got picked up by Jocelyn, and she started carrying it around, and oohing and aahing over it, calling it something that sounded VERY much like, “treasure”. And to this day, if she sees that shoulder strap lying around, she squeals with delight and hollers, “MY TREASURE!”

Next, we’ll have to get her a “precious” and teach her to refer to herself as “We” as if she were royalty. I still wonder what she was saying which we thought was “treasure”.

I had another one, but I’ve now forgotten it. I was thinking over all these little wonky language things, because I don’t think she’ll have any more of them. My baby. So big. Sniff.

I have Bunko tonight, a date with James tomorrow (our babysitter who is now a senior, and NEVER is available to babysit, HAS A YOUNGER SISTER!!!! OH JOY OF JOYS! I AM SO EXCITED! TIME! ALONE! WITH MY HUSBAND! AND NO CHILDREN! IT’S BEEN SO SO LONG! We might just sit there and stare at eachother going, “So. Nice weather we’re having.” for about 5 minutes before we decide these childless moments are better spent making out.)(what was I saying again? oh yeah), this project to get started on, a Totoro to make per Ethan and Jocelyn’s demands, and probably actually no craftiness going on because I will probably have to WORK this weekend. Yuck.

I know that paragraph is a mess, but I am just going to grin and bear it, and that means you will have to too. You can do it. Just go get your treasure, and it will help you through these hard, hard times of reading blogginess by amy. I’m sorry. There there.

– amy shakes her money maker

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