Sep 29 2006

Project Skinny – Week 3 & 4

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so. hi there. project skinny! thought i fell off the wagon, didn’t you? well, you’re right, and you’re wrong. i have been meaning to post since monday, but it’s been a busy week and i had other stuff i wanted to say (puzzles?! puzzles were SO important?? You just HAD to share your precious handmade totoros??) (Oh shoosh, inner self.)

So I did not post anything for week 3, and am terribly late here posting about week 4. But I have NOT fallen off the wagon, though I have been a bit discouraged. Last weekend was a Not Good Points weekend. I had Bunko friday night, and it was filled with booze and taquiros and booze and chips and booze and trail mix with m&ms and more booze. And then some more booze. Saturday night we actually had a SITTER for the first time in months, and had fried bar food before the movie and then mexican after the movie and why is it I always seem to think mexican will be ok? Because the big bowl of (fried) chips and the yummy food with cheese and sour cream and quacamole and all sorts of yumminess, well, that can’t be good, and I can never guesstimate what the points would be but I know that they’re probably high (even without the guac. and the sour cream, which I did NOT have). I actually think I did ok at the mexican place, compared with bunko and the fried bar food. But it all added up for a very disappointing weekend, and a gain at monday’s weigh in.

So I did not count it! I told James I was just going to NOT weigh in, and just weigh in the next week (this week). He claimed that was cheating. Which may be. But I don’t care if it’s cheating if it means that I don’t get SO frustrated that I just throw in the towel. Mind games. It’s what’s for dinner! How Can We Trick Your Mind Today! Now, with Lemon Fresh Scent!

So anyway, I did not “officially” weigh in last Monday, but I pretty much step on the scale every morning so I knew what the damage was, and it wasn’t pretty. However, by this last monday (which was week 4 weigh in) I was back on track with a 1/2 lb. loss from week 3. (Which means that even though I gained week 3, i lost it all as well as 1/2 a lb in week 4. yay me.)

I have to say, it has been a hard couple weeks. week 4 after my set back was especially hard. It was a lot like week 1, where you SEE ALL the stuff that you want and shouldn’t have but still WANT WANT WANT. Week 2 it was like, “I see you! But I don’t need you no sirree bob! I’m just fine! Ha-HA!” Well, week 3’s weekend kicked my ass to the curb and when I saw all that stuff, it was like pressing my face to the window staring and not being able to look away and wanting to lick the glass — that’s how hard it was. But I managed it. I didn’t succumb to unplanned stuff, but did plan many many things that made it easier. there were much brownie snacking (3 pt brownie bites from costco, i love you) and even planned peanut m&ms (6 pts never tasted so good) and so it made it easier to steel myself against the BOX OF DOUGHNUTS IN THE KITCHEN AT WORK. HOW DARE THEY. Ahem.

So this week has been a lot easier, in fact, I think there have been a few days I’ve been under points, which isn’t too good because your body can trigger into starvation mode, and then it’s REALLY a hard to shed pounds. but still. Under points? Me? WHO IS THIS AND WHERE DID YOU PUT AMY??! It really is kind of shocking.

So the moral to the story? I need to persevere with the points counting even on the weekends, because that is where I get into trouble. At work, it’s easy to keep track and not really stray off the planned eating, but at home, the kitchen is ALWAYS right over there! Waving to me! Hi Amy! Come have some chips! Come rummage around in me! I’m full of food! And what with the onset of cooler weather, I have been getting all these nesting crafty sewing BAKING urges. We had some bananas that were on the brink of super-bad, but just at that stage where they make wonderful banana bread, so of course I did. and then I ate about 6 of them over the weekend. However, I realized what I was doing, COUNTED THEM, and took the remaining muffins (i made them into muffins instead of loaves for easier points figuring out) over to my neighbor Selena so she and her husband could enjoy them and they would be OUT of my house.

So that’s the Project Skinny update. I remember thinking how nice it would be to be in the 250s instead of 260s by the end of the month. I don’t think that is going to happen, but I think I will be pretty close 🙂

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  1. Hillyon 29 Sep 2006 at 7:26 pm

    First of all, I want to say sorry that I have not been around to comment as much; between my business trip and today’s surgery, I have been so out of the loop and part of the horrid truth is that I have been avoiding blogs like the plague until I caught up with Reality TV, in case it was mentioned anywhere.

    With that said, thanks for your update; it is a journey and sometimes the road is long, but you are traveling it, sistah so good for you!