Sep 09 2006

weekend plans

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Today is going to be an exciting day.

Today, the 4-month pregnant Tamara and I are going into DC to participate in a photo Safari. Basically we get to take photos like tourists in the National Museum of the American Indian in DC, with a professional photographer to help us learn more about our camera and how to take better pictures.

I am just so tickled I could spit.

But I won’t. You were nice enough to come to my site, so I will restrain myself. FOR YOU. MMMMWAH!

Here’s the blurb for this photography thing* in case you didn’t want to click on that link and see for yourself:

With their larger sensors, the Canon 20D and its bigger brother,the Canon 30D, SLR digital cameras have become a very popular items among serious digital photographers. This Safari will help 20D/30D users put their cameras through the paces of ISO settings, flash settings, variable white balance settings, file compression, aperture and shutter priorities, focus settings, custom settings, menu navigation tricks, exposure tricks, use of the histogram, etc. We will shoot inside and outside of the new National Museum of the American Indian.

Special exhibits at the museum pose unique challenges for the digital photographer, especially the mix of daylight and tungsten light. The eight-story high atrium is a great place to practice wide-angle photography, and the carvings and statues provide challenges for your telephoto lens.

Ooohhh. Doesn’t that sound cool? I’m going to come back knowing EVERYTHING! Well, a lot more than I know now, which is basically nothing.

So while Tamara and I learn how to be an awesome photographer, my darest dearling Linda is coming down from Long Island. She and I are going to road trip it old style (old style just means no kids in the car) to Virginia Beach to fetch some of her things from an ex. We will probably talk about the meaning of life** and many other deep things while listening to good music.

So. Yeah. Big day planned! Wish me luck! Or better, send me “stay on program!” vibes, because that will serve me better 🙂 (It’s been an excellent on program week thus far!)

* I keep refering to this photo safari thing as a “thing”. “Oh, I can’t Saturday, I have this photography thing.” It’s not a class, it’s not a seminar.. Really, I don’t know what to call it. It will have to remain a “thing”.


-amy had an O.B. like that once.

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