Dec 30 2006

kid cuteness over the ‘olidays

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2 things out of 20. 2 things i can remember. 18 that i cannot. more on the ‘olidays later as well.

i am sitting on the couch with my laptop, showing my mom pictures of the kids on flicker. my mom keeps alternately oohing and ahhing, and saying crossly, “Make it BIGGER.”

This is when Jocelyn comes over, points at a picture, and says, “BIG it, mommy, BIG IT.”

Very cute. As long as we don’t have to get her a tiny white hood. Luckily, I know she was just verb-ing a noun.

ethan is big into Zero lately. It comes up in the weirdest ways. He also has a teeny bit of a hard time spitting out a thought in his head. He almost stutters as her tries to pick the right word at times, and you can see him trying to express his feelings and thoughts properly. However, sometimes, there is no editing between brain and mouth and the words just tumble straight out.

He was finishing up breakfast, but still had some orange juice in his cup.

e: may i be excused?
a: don’t you want to finish your juice?
e: no. you can drink it if you want mommy.
a: just have one more sip of your juice (becuase i am thinking if he tastes it, he’ll finish it), and then you can be excused. I want you to go upstairs and get dressed, ok?
e: (sip) OK! (scampers off, but stops at the top of the stairs to yell down at me)
a: yes?
e: The, the juice, the juice must stay in the cup! The cup, it goes by my spot! The juice can’t go anywhere!
a: (laughing a bit) you mean you don’t want me to drink your juice?
e: YES! ZERO people drink my juice! NONE! ZERO!
a: OK, I’ll make sure it stays right here, by your spot, for you!
e: thank you mommy!

the former president died, and therefore, i get tuesday off. it’s like a second christmas!


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  1. annaon 01 Jan 2007 at 12:21 pm

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Amy. You’ll have to tell us how your parents’ visit went (wonderful I am sure).

    Enjoy your extra day off!

  2. Chrison 02 Jan 2007 at 2:47 pm

    Wow, lucky for you…for Gerald? Not so much. Enjoy the day 😉