Jan 05 2007

Ethan Kid Cuteness

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more ZERO:

“Which story do you want to read?”
“OK. That’s a very long one, so we can do 5 pages.”
“How about.. FOUR?!”
“Sure, we can do four. That’s less though.”
“Does four come after five?”
“No, four is before five.”
“That’s ok, we can still do four. Or, ZERO!” *holds up his hand in the shape of an O*
“I don’t think you want ZERO.. then we wouldn’t have a story time before bed!”
“Oh, ok, I changed my mind!”

‘nother cuteness. Someone at school has told him that he can “keep things in his heart.”

“Shall we have frosted mini wheats for breakfast?”

“Mommy, I keep these mini wheats in my heart, ALL DAY LONG.”
“Yeah? What else do you keep in your heart?”
“How about me and daddy and jocelyn?”
“Um, Yeah! You too! And all my kids. Except TJ.”
“Not TJ?”
“Why not?”
“I’ll put him in my heart after this day.”
“Yeah. He can be in my heart tomorrow.”

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  1. annaon 05 Jan 2007 at 2:14 pm

    That is great. I wonder what TJ did that he has to wait a day.