Apr 10 2007

monkey on my back

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you know, we all have our little vices to get us through the day. i’m sure others out there share one of mine – reading blogs.

here is another. it started out simple enough. just a quick purchase at the register at the checkout. I love me some altoids, and these looked pretty tasty. so i bought some.


Altoids Tangerine Sours. They are goooooood. I pop one in my mouth 2 or 3 times a day, and they last a week or two. Yum.

So, the next time I stood in line at the register and saw these, I grabbed a tin. I mean, who can resist altoids? They’re curiously strong!

mango sours altoids

Mmmmmm, Mango! Yummy yummy mango! How did they know? Mango is my very favorite fruit!

Of course, when those were gone, more were purchased.

mango sours altoids

I was hooked. And so of course, came these:

raspberry sours altoids

Now, I must say, that these aren’t actually my favorite. (Mango holds that title.) But they do seem to be more readily available at the checkout line. So my raspberry tin collection grew.

raspberry sours altoids

Now, I must confess, that these have been bought and consumed over several months, some probably were eaten back in 2006 and I just never threw away the tin. (Surely something crafty and cool can be done with these empty tins, right? RIGHT!)

But a few days ago.. I found something new.

Something truly irresistable.

Something chocolatey and altoidy all at the same time.

chocolate dipped mints altoids

Oh, beautiful tasty dark chocolate dipped mints. You are the first brown altoid tin to take up residence on my desk, and I know you won’t be the last. OMGWTFBBQ this is the best altoid idea EVER! And they make them in 3 different flavors. Peppermint (shown blurrily above), ginger and cinnamon!

I know I will have to resist buying more of these right away.. I bought this tin just a few days ago.. and already..

chocolate dipped mints altoids empty

… ALL GONE. Oh altoids, I CAN’T QUIT YOU! Since I obviously cannot practice restraint with these about, I’ll have to practice restraint in their purchase.

Oh, but they’re so very good.

So, this leaves me to confess another way I pass the time during the day.

Occasionally, I take camera phone pictures of the random shit on my desk during lunch and post them on the internet.

-amy is the originally celebrated curiously strong AMY.

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2 Responses to “monkey on my back”

  1. Kbeeon 10 Apr 2007 at 4:41 pm


    Next week I bet the chocolate tin pile downright towers over the sours! (say that five times fast)

  2. Chrison 10 Apr 2007 at 9:39 pm

    Heh. I think you might just have a problem. A tangy, curiously strong problem, but a problem nontheless! 🙂