Jun 18 2007

Assorted Run-On Sentences Found Here

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I haven’t done this in a while, you know, the writing about what actually happens in our lives, type of thing.

Sometimes I feel like this is a “journal” type of thing then I get all hung up about the things that I DON’T post, and I feel like “oh i can’t right about thing Y, that happened today, because I haven’t yet written about thing X, that happened 2 days ago,” and then nothing gets written.

Other times, I want to write about things that I have photographic proof of, but then said proof is either still on the camera, or on the computer at home, NOT uploaded onto flickr and then I put off writing because everyone knows people are more interesting when they post photos, right? Right.

And then we get into the whole shmiel about if I’m writing anything that might have someone I KNOW in it and all the strict and various rules I have in that regard it’s no wonder I write anything at all.

Oh wait. Let’s look at 2007… yup, no need to wonder, I HAVEN’T written hardly anything at all!

I think a part of that is also because when I’m feeling all angsty and weird and ‘how did i end up here in this place in my life?’ depressed, i need a place to vomit all the brain yuck up out of my brain and then i feel better and well, i haven’t had any brain yuck in a long while.

So really it’s a good thing that my blog is more like a random banner that changes every month with a ‘hi there’ and a photo thrown in now and then for good measure.

I’m going to try to stop letting all these reasons keep me from updating more often. Because there’s a big reason I need to overcome all that and just post already.

The children. The cute, cute terribly cute children. I need to document the cuteness if only so when they’re both snots wanting to borrow the car and $20 when they’re 16, I can load up the archives and go, “Awwwwwww..”


Last week Jocelyn had a pretty bad case of pink eye which caused first me, and then james to stay home with her (1 day each) so as not to infect her entire school with the puss and eye boogers (we’re so thoughtful) (and also, her doctor made us).

Me and Jocelyn in the car, driving around, to/from doctor/target pharmacy/home:

Jocelyn is playing with her pink toy cell phone.

Jocelyn: I’m the mommy! And I’m driving!
me: OK! Am I Jocelyn?
J: Yes. You are Jocelyn. Only you’re a baby, and you’re in my tummy. Let me call you.
M: I pick up my cell phone and flip it open.
M: Hello?
J: Hi!
M: Hi!
J: You’re out of my tummy now!
M: OK! Where are we going, mommy?
J: We’re going home.
M: OK. Are we there yet?
J: Nooooooo.
M: When will we get home?
Jocelyn pauses a moment, thinking this over.
J: We’ll get home in nine, six.
M: OK. What will we do when we get there?
J: I’ll make some dinner.
M: What are we having?
J: Cheese. Bye bye!

We hang up.

Nine, six. Obviously, she’s trying to say something like, 10:30, but it comes out 9 6. I died of the cuteness. I’m dead now.

These sorts of conversations take place over and over and over and over, and all I can say is, I wish both of my children had come out of my tummy with the ease of which I came out of hers.

Other variations of this conversation take place when she is Cinderella, and I am either Anastasia, Drusilla, or the step mother (“only nice!”) Then she usually changes her mind and wants to be Anastasia/Drusilla/Nice-Step-Mother herself. She then regales me with how she is going to the store/ taking me to school/ driving to work/ going to dinner. Very cute.

Let me just add that giving eye drops to Jocelyn is no easy feat. I’m relieved to say that tomorrow is her last day of drops to be administered. HALLELUJAH! We will be a pink eye FREE house!

OK, That’s all I’m going to write today. I could go on, but I don’t want to kill you from the shock.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and happy father’s day to all the dad’s out there!

– amy is an accomplished concrete mixer

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  1. Heatheron 19 Jun 2007 at 12:23 pm

    Cute. My youngest went through that 9:6 stage too, only sometimes it would be more like 30:100. At least 9 and 6 are actually on the face of a clock!
    I’m just dying to here about the concrete mixing! Where’d that come from?