Jul 13 2007

search phrashes 1

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Just about every blogger has done this, some make it a regular thing.. I’ve resisted because.. well… it wouldn’t have been that interesting.

But in looking through my stats, a search phrase popped out that I just HAD to share.

But I’m going to milk a whole post out of this, so we’ll start with the boring ones.

cheap fake tutus
— for a second when I saw this I thought, ‘fake ta-tas? sorry honey these are all real!’

happy mokes
baby mokes
cute mokes

— i always have some sort of mokes search in my stats. it’s a standard. ironically, i’ve no idea what a moke is. i just know something with that name does exist.

impatiens little black bugs

purple bedroom and bathrooms

vigamox eyedrops
putting eyedrops in toddler’s eyes
administering eyedrops to children
how to give eyedrops
can i give my child eyedrops
sulfacetamide sodium opthamalic solution
child blinks and rolls eyes
how long to give eye drops for pink eye

— if you’re us… forever..

how to harvest seeds
— i get this one a lot, actually. It’s easy and fun.

and here we go.. the search phrase that led me nay, FORCED me to post this…

can you sew the placenta to the uterus

Um. I have no idea. Nor do I think I want to.

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  1. annaon 13 Jul 2007 at 10:27 am

    My search strings are incredibly boring (I hope that’s not representative of my blog). I generally use them to fix spelling errors. Further proof that I was not meant to be a doctor or surgeon, sewing placentas just sounds disgusting.