Jul 12 2007


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I’m hoping that this square of wallpaper I purchased last week arrives today:

Hanna Werning wallpaper from rare device

It is going to hang in our guest room, whose walls, painted a medium brown shade (I call it, ‘Melted Chocolate Ice Cream’) I’m totally digging on more and more.

I am going to keep my eye out for a light blue vase to go on the bedside table.

This is all part of my decorating plan of “getting a clue BEFORE buying shit.” I often see things that I like or think I like and subsequently purchase, all to get it home and realize that I’ve no idea where to put it or if it even goes with what’s in the room already. I end up sticking it somewhere that doesn’t really fit it and pondering on what my style IS EXACTLY ANYWAY and wondering how other people manage to do this so easily. As such, I’m starting to build quite the design/ house/ decorating blog list. It’s my new obsession.

As such, I think colors are the place to start. I’ve been thinking a lot about colors to go on the walls of our main level. It’s all very open and connected, so I think 1 main color with some accent walls will work best. I currently in love with the brown/blue, brown/red, brown/pink, brown/green combinations (although I don’t want a pink wall, I just don’t have that kind of chutzpuh).

I’m pretty content to just mull it over for a good long while and make sure it’s what I want. The blue and brown of that newly purchased artwork however — I’m leaning toward it for our living room, except with maybe a deeper brown.

Seriously, how could you not love brown?


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  1. annaon 12 Jul 2007 at 3:56 pm

    Oh that kitchen is very nice. I like brown, as a wall color it’s pretty versatile. Then again, I don’t mind avocado green. So my opinion on colors might not be very trustworthy.