Aug 16 2007

jocelyn watch finale

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Day 5 of Jocelyn Watch draws to an end. Beleive that it has been a success. Subject had a few moments where the mother figure was worried she would see massive snot production (the biggest downfall to milk protein intolerance) but the subject pulled through and seems to have even fully recovered from her slightly hoarse throat. Any and all post nasal drip has since cleared up, and subject appears to be in normal healthy state.


So what does this mean?

I have no idea.

It could mean that she had ice cream that was made with a cooked custard or just crappy highly processed ice cream in which the proteins were altered or broken down enough that her system did not view them as the usual threat.

Or it could mean that she’s well on her way to being milk protein intolerance FREE!

I am tempted to test this further. Now would be a good time, if she does get sick she’d have a week or so to recover before our not-really-camping trip at the end of the month. I would probably go about it by adding a bit of cow’s milk to her soy milk and see what happens.

Must discuss with father figure. Will ponder results and will jointly decide future action.


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