Sep 27 2007

jocelyn update and cute kid stories: Jocelyn and all the SINGING

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It’s five minutes til midnight and I’ve decided to post instead of heading up to bed. LUCKY YOU!

So, yesterday I took Jocelyn to the doctor, because she’s had this damn cold for over THREE WEEKS NOW. I usually have to kind of waffle and think this over, but I’ve been paying attention! She was congested when we went on our Labor Day Not Really Camping Trip, which was well over three weeks ago.

Our doctor looked her over showed me how to feel for her glands, and wrote out a prescription for antibiotics. Of course, one doesn’t want to do the antibiotics, but we’ve had a pretty decent spell of well ness in the household, and if you had been here the night before and heard my poor baby coughing and hacking, you would have throttled the doctor until she gave you something, ANYTHING to make your baby feel better too. Ahem.

I’m kidding of course, I did no such thing, and I was TERRIBLY saddened to hear from our pediatrician that she will be dropping our health insurance carrier in march. I was SO SAD. Our doctor is the best. she really is. She once stayed in her office for an hour because I was delayed in getting the kids from school and then getting from the school to her office (damn rock concert traffic) and she still smiled when we came in. The woman is a saint. I told her that maybe we could switch insurance (because now we use james’ and we could switch to mine) and she almost cried at the thought that we’d switch insurance just to stay with her. If it doesn’t happen, we will miss her so much!

Um, what was I talking about? Oh yes. Jocelyn. See, this is the other downside of writing in the wee smas. So she has had 3 doses of antibiotics now, and she’s still hacking pretty good at night. And we’re trying to give her lots of liquids, which means an increase in nighttime accidents, which has only been a recent accomplishment anyway.

So when James checked on her an hour ago, she had wet her bed, so I went up to change her while James pulled off the sheets, and the poor sweetie did fine, until I tried to pull her Disney Princess jammie shirt off of her, when she wailed and cried and said, “Noooo!”

She really likes that set of jammies.

I’ve been trying really hard to remember the cute Jocelyn things, because I think I write more funny Ethan stories than Jocelyn stories and heaven knows Jocelyn does super cute things too!

So here’s one:

She and I were alone in the car, going to do some errand. It was quiet, except for my ipod going on shuffle. A few songs came on, until The Beatles popped up, Yellow Submarine.

All of a sudden she hollers, “YES!”

Just like you would if you were playing your older brother in air hockey at your grandma’s house and he always beats you because he’s older and better and it’s grandma’s so you don’t get a lot of practice time in, and you try and you try and you try and still that bugger gets it past you and then FINALLY you smack that puck super hard and his reflexes just aren’t quite fast enough, and IN IT GOES! It doesn’t matter that you’re still going to lose the game, YOU GOT IT PAST HIM AT LEAST ONCE, EAT ON THAT, SUCKER! (BTW, Happy Birthday Joseph. You old geezer.)

“YES!” Jocelyn said, exactly like that. Surprised, and delighted, I glance back to look at her, and she’s grinning at me. “I wanted this song, Mommy!” I guess she really wanted that song!!

Today after soccer practice, me and Jocelyn got in the car, leaving Ethan and daddy to come home in Daddy’s car after Ethan’s practice was over. We climbed in, buckled in, and drove away, and Jocelyn said to me, “We have it all to ourselves, Mommy!”

When we got home, we settled down for a nice game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. We played for a while, alternating between popping one marble in at a time and going after it, and piling the whole lot of them in and working 2 hippos each to gobble up the veritable smorgasbord of marbles.

We dug out the marbles and plopped them into the middle, preparing to gorge our little hippos on their marble feast, and just as I was about to begin, she said, “NO! We have to sing God Our Father!”

We’re not a religious household, but our kids’ school does sing a little blessing before the noon meal, and this is the song she was talking about.

“Go ahead,” I said, laughing, and she did. (To the tune of ‘Frere Jocke/Brother John)

“God our father, God our father, we thank you! we thank you! For our many blessings, for our many blessings, aahhhhh-men! ahhhhh-men!”

And with that out of the way, she grinned, leaned down, and the pink hippo could start his marble gobbling!

It’s too bad someone finally corrected her old way of singing “Aw man!” in lieu of the “Amen.”

-amy is a procrastinator.

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