Oct 07 2007

I Suck or How I Failed My Daughter or How I Came To My Right Senses (all depending on how you look at it)

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… but not really.

Remember all the big talk about making Jocelyn a Belle costume for halloween?

Well, I read the directions, washed the fabric, read the directions, ironed the fabric, read the directions, read the directions, read the directions, cut out the pattern pieces, ironed the pattern pieces, read the directions, pulled out the leaf in my kitchen table, and then read the directions, before I tried to cut this sucker out…

And really felt crappy when I put 2 pieces together that were supposed to be exactly identical, and were SO SO NOT.

This fabric is super slippery and the damn stuff must have STRETCHED and I thought about the 137 more pieces I still had to go and … well..

.. I pitched in the towel.

I suck.

Honestly, I think I just bit off way more than I can chew – I have never made an article of clothing from a pattern before, and it was pretty foolish of me to pick this one to start with.

I broke the news to Jocelyn and she wasn’t happy. (It was not smart of me to do this as she was recovering from an “owie” in my lap, and was already in the grump mode, but she came around when I said we could go and pick out a costume this very evening, after we cleaned up.

Normally, I’m not exactly speedy on following through on these sorts of things, but I made sure we did. The kids cleaned up the toy room, and then by god I got us to Costco, where she selected a costume. She has spent the half hour before dinner prancing around in her new Sleeping Beauty costume, cried when she had to take it off for dinner. Ethan has had his Clone Trooper outfit for a while now, and he joined in the costumey fun as well. After dinner, Jocelyn promptly stripped off all her clothes and donned her new costume anew.

I think she’ll survive not having a costume her mommy made.

So yeah, I am disappointed that I had to give up my delusions of grandeur, and that I have SIX YARDS of this shiny polyester yellow fabric (in case you don’t sew, THAT’S 18 FEET LONG, 45″ in width.) It didn’t cost too much, and I have plans to at LEAST make her a simple dress up twirly skirt out of it, but that will still probably leave me 4 yards left.

I’m sure we’ll think of something.

Anyway.. at least this means I can move forward on some of my other projects – like painting the basement and recovering my chairs.

I have more to say about this Belle and Sleeping Beauty and Disnification stuff at a later date. (preview: The additional de-disnefication tactics that have been taken in our house. Or rather, my car.)

But for now, this is enough to write on a Sunday evening. It’s been a lovely weekend.

Except for the fact that I suck 🙂


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2 Responses to “I Suck or How I Failed My Daughter or How I Came To My Right Senses (all depending on how you look at it)”

  1. annaon 07 Oct 2007 at 8:20 pm

    You do not suck 🙂 I was really surprised that you were going to make the Belle dress. It seems like it would be complicated. I’m sure that in the long run (probably when she was picking out the new dress) Jocelyn will not care that her halloween costume was not homemade.

    We have been lucky that our kids do not really care whether they had Disney specific things or not. The girls were (still are) happy to just be princesses in frilly dresses and play dress up in my clothes.

  2. raineon 07 Oct 2007 at 8:29 pm

    ahh, thank you kind lady. I don’t really feel bad about not making it.. I feel bad about deluding myself to think I COULD make it. I do feel lucky to “get out” before I wasted a lot of time.