Nov 28 2007

new guy on the blogosphere…

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… my brother Larry, has started a blog:

He and my brother Joe participated in The 24 hours of LeMons race a month or so ago.

The 24 Hours Of LeMons is a 2 day, 14 hour car race, held at a race track, and restricted to cars that are worth roughly $500 or less. […] It was the most thrilling experience of my life. It was incredibly intense and outrageously entertaining. It was like being in a Mad Max movie.

How Joe convinced Larry to join the fun:

Some months previously Joe, my youngest brother, had sent me a link to a video article on the first 24 Hours Of Lemons. It looked like great fun. Yes I wanted to do it. Yes really. Yes enough to help fund a car. I knew better than to think this was one of the half-ass schemes Joe would lose interest in. His history demonstrates the crazier the scheme, the more likely Joe will follow through to the end.

Truer words have never been said of my brother Joseph. They drove an old Toyota MR2. Here it is, with Larry as the cake topper:

larry standing on his beat up MR2

It was like playing Tetris with your body parts (not in a sexy way). At some point your ass juts awkwardly out the door as you unfold the rest of yourself into the seat.

I’m not all that much in to cars and racing, and figured I would skim through the few posts about the race that he put up… but I read every word until I was done. Exciting stuff!

Welcome to the blogosphere, Larr!

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