Nov 26 2007

jocelyn the amazon

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I don’t know why I freak out about this every year (and it always seems to be right around this time of year, too) but Jocelyn is freaking tall. SHE’S TAAAALLL. 4T pants still fits her, but it seems like her tummy (still big baby tummy) is showing from all her shirts being just a bit too snug, so I got her a bunch of new 5T shirts when I was at Target the other day. FIVE-TEE. SHE IS ONLY THREE YEARS OLD! The kids had a “thanksgiving brunch” at their school last week, Ethan’s was on Monday and Jocelyn’s was on Tuesday. The parents came, everyone eats some fruit and cheese, and then each age group got up to sing some Thanksgiving songs. Jocelyn was a good FIVE inches taller than anyone in her class. My sweet little amazon! 🙂

I also got her hair trimmed by a professional this weekend. I seem to weeble wobble between wanting to get her hair cut into a short bob and leaving it alone, and I don’t make anything better by constantly asking her (constantly = once every couple weeks) if we should cut her hair. She really goes with however I phrase it (Should we cut your hair?-YES! Should we leave it long?-YES!), but I think she likes her hair long, so I am trying to restrain myself. The trim did her a lot of good though, the ends were getting a bit ratty, and Mommy doesn’t do the best job at trimming the bangs. It looks much cleaner and the slightly too-short bangs (which will be fine in about 2 seconds, her hair grows so fast) is very sweet.

More on Thanksgiving later!

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  1. Heatheron 29 Nov 2007 at 11:48 pm

    Funny, your amazon 3 year old and my midget 6 year old are about one size apart. They always grow shortly after you buy all their back to school clothes, don’t they? 2 months after school starts, all their new clothes are suddenly shrinking.