Nov 02 2007

Recycle Friday #3

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Number three? Number THREE??? I know that I forgot about my weekly friday theme for a few weeks, but I thought we’d be on 4 or 5 at least?

Blah. I suck! wahoo!

So yesterday, I was perusing my stats to see if anyone ever stops by here anymore, what with my prolonged not-writing-ness and continued grumpiness, and stumbled upon an old post that someone had found while searching for “personifying poop” (don’t worry, no poop will be personified (and don’t you think they actually meant anthromorphized?) in the following recyled post below). I clicked, read my own post, and I must say, I cracked myself up. Here’s an excerpt from my near-death experience:

I can only relate the anguish that I underwent by telling you that I thought death was imminent. My abdomen felt like a fiery pit of hell. My head felt all feverish, goose bumps broke out on my skin, and I actually started sweating like a pig. I could not contain the moaning that seemed to come from my throat.

Another thing I love about this post? In the title bar of the browser, it states: “Poop. at Crazy Mokes.” What’s not to love about that?? So click, and go get your poop, at crazy mokes.

So, a near-death poop experience, and a cute kid story at the end to boot. Go read, have a chuckle, and have a great weekend. Mine will be spent cheering on soccer players under the age of 6, and probably buying & putting together Ikea furniture. Yay for cheap scandinavian consumerism!

-amy wears a hat and scarf indoors.

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