Feb 11 2008

Blah Blah Blah Weekend Blah.

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Weekend Catchup

So, as you know, we went bowling on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. It was NOT fun, however, to arrive and be told that the wait for a lane was 1 hour long. We decided to go get some ice cream and then come back. Even ice cream did not help convince the kids to leave the building, so enamored were they of watching all the bowling.

Also, just so you know.. it’s exausting bowling with small kids. The getting up and sitting down and up and down and making sure the little fingers stay away from where teh ball comes out and the helping pick up the very heavy ball and the moving of teh weird metal contraption and the cheering, and the making them wait until the lady in the next lane goes, and OMG SO EXHAUSTING.

However, it was fun.

And I will say, the bumpers came in handy for me as well!


So everyone went to school the last few days of last week, as I reported. Thursday I ran to Target to pick up some veggies and valentines for the kids’ upcoming valentines parties and still beat James and the kids home. I hit the button on my answering machien while I packed frozen veggies into the freezer to hear our pediatrician’s voice telling me that the 24 hour (or is it 48 hr?) strep test? For Ethan? From I took him in to the too-hastily made doctor’s visit when really his symptoms hadn’t really changed much and he kept telling me his throat hurt but I was convinced he was workin it to stay home another day and play on the Wii? THAT strep test?

Was positive.

So veggies safely stowed into the fridge, I hied my way back to Target and filled the prescription she had given me in case of just such an event. As an added bonus, I was now starting to feel kind of overly tired and had more congestion going on than before. I know, just so wonderful! Luckily, a call with explanation to my doctor yielded her calling in a prescription for me w/out having to go into the office. James having seen her just days before helped that, no doubt.

So yeah. Entire household on the antibiotics. I guess our (james & mine) family practice doctor had the right idea when she said the entire family should be treated.

Everyone is doing much better now, thank you, with the exception of Jocelyn — who is still so dang snotty and coughy and it’s day 7 of antibiotics and shouldn’t she be feeling better by now? I may just phone the pediatrician and see what she thinks. James was also STILL complaining of sore throat pain as late as Sunday. I think they both had a pretty nasty version of this. Blech.


Saturday dawned with me rarin’ to go. Mountains of laundry was piled up to be washed. Rooms were tidied up and cleaned. Litter boxes were dumped and refilled (ok just the one). I even cleared out the area next to my side of the bed which has been strewn with magazines, books, cards, toys, kleenex boxes and more magazines and books for years now. Ethan, as he was casually running through the room, came to a dead stop and stared at this area, before finally commenting, “Wow. Very clean!”

I ran out of “Must! Do! Everything!” energy just short of actually wielding any sort of cleaning product and attacking the bathrooms, which really is a pity, and spent most of Sunday sitting on my laptop playing mah-jong, freecell, internet backgammon (when the wireless thingee decided it COULD connect me to our wireless network afterall) (Damn all the neighbors who have made their networks secure – don’t they realize I might need them to play backgammon???) while watching old episodes of Scrubs.

Seriously. Remember how addicted to ms. pacman i was? Now I am all about mah-jong and backgammon. so nice and mind-numbing. Those are games I can get behind = no thinking required!

Monday dawned with everyone having clean sheets and towels and a mountain of clean laundry to put away. Yay.


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  1. Annon 11 Feb 2008 at 6:22 pm

    Just as an FYI – K had strep at the beginning of January and his throat was sore for over a week! He also tried to rid himself of his uvula through coughing, which didn’t help the situation. That was probably too much information for you 🙂