Feb 11 2008

Photos #38, #39, #40 & #41 – Bowling Edition

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Oops. I missed several days of my “photo a day.” I would like to blame the shoddy behaviour of my wireless card in my laptop. Doh.

Oh well. Here are the missing photos, all taken Saturday night, when we took two VERY EXCITED kids to the bowling alley. It was such a hit – we’ll definitely be doing it again.

Jocelyn – Granny style, Ball in Midair

jocelyn bowling

Ethan with the Metal Contraption

ethan bowling

Ethan’s “I made a strike!” Victory Sign

Jocelyn: “I’m so confident, I don’t even have to look”

Bonus shot: Ethan’s 2 strikes in a row:

bowling monitor

Just one note – I can’t wait until I get my flash (planned birthday present).

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