Mar 13 2008

funny jocelyn story

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I realize that I haven’t written in forever. And I even have a jocelyn birthday post all half-written waiting for photos to accompany it. But I’ll just do a quickie here before I forget the whole thing (as James relayed it to me).

About a week ago, the toilet in the master bathroom broke. Easy fix, it was just this piece of plastic that hooked the flusher up to the suction cup thing that lets the water out and flushes the toilet. So after a few days, James got the part, and I sent the kids in to “help daddy fix it” while I worked on dinner.

I don’t know about your bathroom, but in my bathroom, the *ahem* feminine hardware goes on the back of the toilet for those certain times of the month when they are needed. So all that stuff is on the floor, along with the toilet cover, and the kids and James are peering into the tank to hook up the new chain, when Jocelyn gets bored and wanders over to pull a tampon out of it’s box.

She examines it for a minute, and then asks, “Daddy is this a popsicle?”

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  1. Tracy Don 14 Mar 2008 at 12:55 am

    hahahahahahahaha…. I still remember having to explain to my DD what tampons are. That was soooo funny.

    Tracy D’s last blog post..Finally… I find the joy again