Aug 21 2008

Project Skinny

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Time to kick it up. I bought an iphone application called “iPoint” that will calculate and track weight watcher’s points.

I am up like 4 lbs since I went to the doctor last, which was sadly, not very long ago. I am due back in 4 weeks, so I don’t want to embarass myself.

I’m going to try to walk some stairs at my office each day at lunch time. Today before I got lunch in the cafe downstairs, I walked up to the roof. (I think that’s 4 floors? Not sure, but not more than that.) It was pretty easy, had to pause before the last set of stairs, and I was breathing hard, but I felt fine. Then I went down all the stairs and got some lunch and ate it in the cafe. Then came the shock, when after standing, I felt like my legs were all made of wobbly jello!

Time to lay off the breakfast buying. Yes, that’s right, I’ve been breaking my new years resolution (for quite some time now) and buying food on the way to/at work. Lunch is understandable, though I still try to bring my own in, but breakfast? There’s just no excuse! Time to cut that out.

I bought an awesome new water bottle – you really wouldn’t think a water bottle would make a difference in the water you drink, but it TOTALLY has. It is a Camelbak. I promptly removed the nipple that goes over the spout, and the straw thingee inside, but it doesn’t leak, my biggest complaint about my old water bottle (nalgene, if you must know).

Diet Coke – how I love you. You’re so cold, and delicious and mmmm. I LOOOVE you, Diet Coke! Let’s run away together! Really, it’s the diet coke that drives me to McDonald’s in the morning. Because I really want that diet coke. I love it. I love it. I looooove it. We’ll see. I make no promises on this one. I’m pretty bitchy without my caffeine. (Don’t listen to all that, Diet Coke. I would never leave you. I love you so!)

So there you go. Time to kick my (fat) ass into shape!


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