Nov 13 2012

A Day in Pompeii

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I can’t believe it’s November already. Halfway through, in fact.

We had a nice(ish) 4 day weekend. We went down to the Denver Museum of Science and Nature and saw the new Day in Pompeii exhibit on Sunday. It was beautiful, eerie and sad. Pompeii was a bustling city of 20,000 people when Mt. Vesuvius erupted and covered the city in volcanic ash — and then lay undisturbed until sometime in the 1700s.

So much was recovered from the city – frescos, statues, columns, ovens, earthenware – it was amazing to see.

Of course I didn’t start taking pictures until I got to the jewelry (no flash, I wasn’t breaking any rules!)

That looks a lot like viking knit.

I loved seeing the clasp on this bracelet. Amazing.

Fortuna on her throne

There was lots to see, but the most touching were the casts made in the hardened ash that showed where people had died.

It was a stunning exhibit — I highly recommend it if you are in the Denver area.

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