Jun 24 2013


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I am not a draw-er, or a doodler, or even very artsy. I used to paint long ago, very abstract things that just made me happy. I picked up zentangle recently and am totally in love. I still am not sure if I’m even doing it right, but the rule to most doodling is, “there are no mistakes!” which is a rule I can embrace wholeheartedly!

Here are my first zentangles — I’ve been drawn to the mandala, or “zendala” circular tiles primarily, although the last one I did on a normal tile.


My very first zentangle! Overall, fairly pleased with this. I fiddled around with something in the very middle which I wish I hadn’t done. Stark white would have been better there.


#2 Zendala. I’m not sure I consider this “finished” some shading and darkening would improve it methinks.


#3 Zentangle. I did this while playing Battleship with my son, and then my daughter. Not my favorite, but was still nice to do.

I am currently obsessed with this — it’s lots of fun to do, and I look forward to getting better.

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