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Feb 26 2011

Never ask your husband questions you already know the answer to, deep down in your gut.

Amy: Here, look at these photos. One of these 6 photos have got to go.

James: The first one.

Amy: The first one? NO. No. The first one is NOT going. Look, there’s no other photos like that one. It’s got to stay. Look at these last 3, one of these three have got to go.

James: Then why didn’t you say one of those three had to go, instead of one of all six had to go?

Amy: Because I thought you would have enough SENSE to see that it would HAVE to be one of the last three!

James: …

Amy: …

James: The middle one.

Amy: Yeah. The middle one.


And here, I show you, the photo that got axed. Bid it adieu. It shall live here, but not with it’s sisters on Etsy or my website.

Farewell, sweet photo.

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Feb 14 2011

Fun with Enamel

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I’m cross-posting this post with another blog, a group of ladies in the DC metro area that meet up once a month to talk all things metal smithing – the ladysmiths – check them out!

I’m taking Abby Goldblatt’s enameling class at the Art League this term, and have been having a blast. We’re learning cloisonne techniques which is really interesting, but I’m also just having fun and laying some color down on metal to see what happens. Even the simplest things are making me giddy, and every week I have to fight down the urge to order a KILN!

I have done torch fired enameling from time to time, which is really fun and easy — with the added benefit of instant gratification. I’ve always had in my mind a picture of a series of enamel tiles like quilt squares, and I took this class as the opportunity to explore this concept.
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