Oct 31 2005

in which my daughter turns into a candy fiend

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Traffic was awful on the way home. Truly horrific. I haven’t decided whether or not I like this day light savings thing. I mean, you’d think I’d have developed an opinion on it by now, I’m 31 years old for the love of mike (oh mike, how I love you). This morning, it was LIGHT when I arose at 6am. I don’t know how I like that, but it will not be handy for telling ethan that it is the weekend, and that means that we don’t get up until it’s light. That ain’t gonna fly if it gets light at freaking 6am! Plus, I think everyone and their brother decided to get up earlier than they usually do, because the traffic on my way to work was horrific. Nothing like it usually is. I drive along I66 looking over to the left hand HOV lane, and dream what it would be like to zoom along in it. Oh for a slug to ride with me! Oh, for a hybrid that would not only allow me to zip to work quicker, but would lower my gas bill and help me to walk the walk with all the green earth philosophies! Plus, while I love my (gas-guzzling) 4Runner, it is a standard, and while it was cute and butch the first 4 years, well, it REALLY REALLY SUCKS when you’re in stop and go traffic for an hour and a half every day. Seriously. My foot hurts most of the time from all the shifting. I even went looking at the Toyota Highlander Hybrid (just online, nothing major) because I’m a Toyota girl through and through, and my mom has basically the same car only in the Lexus RX400 form (more posh) and damn that is one nice car. While it would be nice, I don’t think we’ll be buying either of us a new car for some time, because honestly, they’re both paid for now and who wants car payments? Drive it into the ground, I think that’s our philosophy. HOWEVER!!! My ‘Check Engine’ light just came on. As soon as it did, visions of hybrids danced in my head. As if I need to replace a car just because the engine light popped on. I was pretty torqued about the coincidence of the light coming on JUST when we get paid. It’s like the car knew there was money in the bank, and she was like, “Let’s fix THEIR boat!” It better not be anything major or I will have to retaliate. Like start refering to the truck as a him, instead of a her.

So while Ethan had a BLAST trick or treating, it was Jocelyn that was just all about the candy. I mean, seriously. We went up to one house and I glanced at her in the light of the porch and saw that she was chewing away at something. The girl is not even two yet, and I hadn’t given her anything. I reached in and FISHED OUT THE TIN FOIL OF THE PEANUT BUTTER CUP SHE HAD EATEN WITH THE WRAPPER ON.

Maybe I should take her on the circuit. Just like being able to tie cherry stems in a knot with just your tongue, she can eat candy and spit out (or have it fished out) the wrapper. Yeah, I’m thinking she’s probably got some tin foil in her tummy. That’s not toxic, is it?

So when we came home, she wanted that candy. INSISTENT. arm outstretched, HAND GRABBING, “UH UH UH UH UH!” noise ongoing. It would have been cute if it hadn’t been CONSTANT.

My battery is about to run dead on my laptop which means it’s time to go to bed lest I not get the precious 8 hours of sleep. But more and probably pictures tomorrow.

electric-gasoline-candy-powered raine

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