Oct 31 2005

titles suck.

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First off, I’d like to say that I think the title should be asked for at the bottom of the post, and not the top. Not that this is in any of your hands, but when I go to post, there’s the title field, right there front and center. Well, I’m not ready for a title yet, because my mind has a zillion things of which it hasn’t selected one of, to write on.

Yes, I ended with a preposition. Bite me.

This weekend was kind of shitty. But the more depressing question that has been pressing itself on my mind, is WHY? I honestly have not been able to figure it out. There have been little shitty things and events that have happened, but I don’t think it was any of these specifically, just that my mind has not been able to wrap itself around any of them in a way that makes me a happy person, instead, I have dealt and dwelled on them until I am an unhappy person. If I could just figure out that different way of wrapping my mind around them all, I think I could change the outcome of the shitty weekend. I know I can do this, I’ve done it before, but driving in to work this morning all I could think about was just how shitty I feel and now I have a whole shitty week in front of me and I think I’ll go eat worms.

So, the weekend. I’m going to take a page out of mimi smartypants’ book and go with a numbered list as opposed to narrative. Don’t go to that link until you’ve finished reading my post, because once you do, unless you already know of mimi (which I’m sure you have, because blogging has been around forever and she’s awesome and with me just starting to blog now i am being such a poser and don’t i know all the GOOD bloggers started five years ago already?)

1. Weigh-in Saturday am was good – down 5.2 lbs. Yee ha! I celebrated with a Whopper at lunch, and then also had some Wendys for a very late dinner, with fries, but I feel perfectly vindicated in this because of the circumstances which I’m sure will be discussed further down the list. So. Anyway. Yay me.

2. Went to get a new pocket calendar for my purse because I keep needing to refer to January in my current one and hello! January is after year’s end and mine only goes to December. I’ve been needing a new one for a while now, so I finally went to GET it, taking Jocelyn with me, and when I got there and managed to look at the ones the store had, and had picked one out (not an easy task with Jocelyn “helping”), it turns out I had left my wallet at home. The reasons of which also will be discussed further down on this list, which I think will be number….

3. Ethan went down for his nap with such enthusiasm that James and I looked at each other in awe. Was this our child? In his bed? SLEEPING???? It turns out, it wasn’t our normal happy child. It was our poor, sick child, as we learned after he woke up. I was down in the kitchen making pineapple fluff when I heard his door open and close. I called to him to come down, but no answer. So I walked up and there he was, sitting on the top step all forlorn and sick. He was burning up when I led him back to bed and laid him down to rest while I fetched drink of water, thermometer, children’s motrin. Turns out the fever was up to 104.5, which is in the danger zone they always tell you about — they don’t want to see the kid RIGHT AWAY if it’s not over 102. So I fetched my wallet (thus it not being in the right place for later use), got out his health insurance card and called them up and procured an appt for 7pm. Which sucked, because when you go to urgent care, you are always there for hours and hours, so likely we wouldn’t be home until late, and yes, we weren’t home until 11:30pm.

The doctor covered his bases (one good thing about urgent care) and ordered a throat culture, blood test, urine analysis and xray. He couldn’t manage peeing in a cup, but everything else was done, and I must say that little boy is a trooper. When we finally saw the doctor again with the results all in, he basically said it was probably just a cold but they were going to put him on antibiotics anyway. So then we got to wait another 40 minutes for the prescription to be filled before we piled back in the car and headed home. I was starving at this point, which is where Wendy’s comes in.
The night went all right, I’d set my alarm for 6 hours after he’d been given the last dose of motrin, and James went in to deliver some more. Unfortunately, he’d thrown up in his bed. This was due I’m sure to me giving him a dose of his prescription right away, which can cause an upset stomach if taken on an empty stomach. To my credit, I had gotten him some chicken at Wendy’s too, but that exchange went something like this:

me: Are you eating your chicken, Ethan?
him: No, I’m going to wait until we get home.
me: Honey, when we get home we’re going straight to bed. Have some chicken now. Have some bites.
him: I’m going to wait until it cools down.

Of course, he was asleep about 30 seconds after this, thus no food. So anyway, James popped him into our bed with me while he changed the sheets and remade the bed and then popped him back into his bed, medicated again. The next went all right except that his cough had changed from a wet, congested, bringing-up-snotty-mucus sort of cough to a dry, rattling and somewhat barky cough. Uh oh. This is the first warning sign of croup. Other than that, he was really doing very well, so we decided to go get James new shoes. We are going to the ballet next weekend and I sold James dress shoes on Ebay last spring (he hated them, they pinched his shoes, I wasn’t just randomly looking around for things to sell) so we had to get him something he could wear instead of his sandals. Just as we were finishing up, Ethan took a turn for the worse and it seemed like he coudln’t talk at all, so we high-tailed it on home. I got back on the phone with the Kaiser people and made him an appointment for monday morning. James and I discussed it, and determined that I should stay home with him today because James had stayed home the last two days that someone was sick and couldn’t go to school/daycare. Then I realized that I couldn’t stay home. I am getting fingerprinted today. Doh. So James is home with Ethan.

Look, I got all narrative on you.

I have to go get fingerprinted now. More later.

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